Monday, December 7, 2009

Im getting a Mac!

Sorry ladies! I've been gone for a while due to intense studying and exams at school, but I'm back now. The semester is almost over, and soon I will be on vacation from school for 1 whole month! But anyhow...I just wanted to tell you ladies/guys who view my YouTube videos that I will be coming out with much better quality videos to keep you all even more motivated on your hair journey's. I'm a very creative person and I think that the videos that I have out right now are "alright", but they're not creative as I like them to be. My Kodak camera is not compatible with Windows movie maker on my desktop (i hate PCs!) It is only compatible with Quicktime player. In order for me to edit videos, I would have to buy a new camera (one that's compatible with Windows movie maker) and then get started on making creative videos. But I really don't want to buy a new camera because I love my Kodak. Then, I started thinking about Macbooks! Quicktime player is a program ran by Apple. Not only that...but with a Apple computer, you can edit really cool videos. Also, I'm a college student and I need my own computer to do my homework and stuff, rather than waiting for my brother or sister to finish using the desktop. Also, the fact that Apple computers don't get viruses is a plus for me! So my mind is really set on getting a Macbook Pro. I should have it before December is up. Hopefully by Christmas! *Counting down the days*

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Hello everybody!

Christmas is almost here and I'm wondering what's on your list this year? I don't really want a lot of stuff..(im not asking for much) Here's mine:

1. Macbook Pro laptop computer
2. Juicy Couture chain necklace
3. Winter clothes
4. A good time with my family

What's on your list?