Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1st Hair Update For 2012!

Hey guys!

So I took out my box braids completely on February 6th after having them in since December 4th. I was exactly 4 months and 1 week post relaxer.

This is my new growth with my braids the day before I started un-braiding my hair.

Here's my hair right after removing my braids. I looked so tired and drained because it was a very longgg process that took days...*sigh*

I was feening to wash my hair so bad. I know my braids could've lasted me a couple more weeks, but I just couldn't wait to feel my own hair, and wash it and care for it. I just had to take the braids out asap...plus my scalp was itching like crazy and my head started to smell. I was relieved when they were all out and my hair was washed and detangled.

For the next couple of days, I wore my Sensationel HZ 7004 wig. It was a disaster! But I had no choice because i didn't know what else to do with my hair with out too much manipulation. My texture and the texture of the wig were very obvious. But i didn't care..lol. *no pics*

The following week when I washed my hair again, I took my time to blow dry my roots out. It was a success with not much hair loss. I was so shocked when I was able to put my hair into a top knot bun at 4 months post relaxer! I did a very good blow dry which left my roots pretty smooth. Btw, I didn't use a heat protectant and my hair did just fine! I feel that heat protectants leave a sticky residue to my hair...ick!! If your hair is properly conditioned, then heat protectants are just an option. As long as you use a low-medium heat setting with the blow dryer, and pass the flat iron once through the hair, you should be safe :)

I got my hair rebraided on February 19th! I have too much new growth and the only way for me to deal with the problem is to either relax my hair or get protective styles. I really want to give the natural thing a try so I got my hair braided so I wouldn't be tempted to relax. My hair was well conditioned to be back in braids.

These braids are the same Solange inspired braids I got back in December. They're waist length. I love this set of braids because they're less dense than my old braids which makes it easier for me to put it up into a high bun. The other braids I had were too heavy to be put into a bun...I had to wear it down all the time :(

I will leave these braids in until April 19th or so. After I take them down, I plan on wearing a curly wig for 1 month and then getting a sew-in for my birthday in May...hopefully!
Thanks for reading!