Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally got my Outre "Tammy" 1/2 wig!

I placed the order on Saturday [1/23/10] and received it the following Tuesday [1/27/10]. I ordered from My total came up to $17.24 including free shipping! I was so happy! I had already washed my hair the day before I received my package, because I knew it was coming soon and wanted to be ready. Plus, my scalp was really itchy, so i needed to wash it...badly.

This is actually my first "official" 1/2 wig. My other 1/2 wig was a mess! I made it myself. I bought a wig cap and glued tracks on it and wore it as a 1/2 wig lol. The worse part about my "fake" wig was that my Outre wig was only $17 bucks, and all the stuff I bought to make the "fake" wig totaled up to $30 something dollars..smh.

But anyways....I braided my hair into 12 cornrows and left some hair out in the front to camouflage the wig. I also removed the teeth out from the back in fear that it might break my nape area. I left the teeth in the front for a nice secure feeling. I sectioned my hair, and moisturized each section with S-curl, and sealed with Jamaican Castor oil. Then braided it into a cornrow. When i was finally done, my arms felt like they were gonna fall off...literally. Then I braided the hair left out in the front for a wavy look to blend with the wig. The braids in the front actually blended very well the next morning. I also wore a head band.

This is a great winter protective style. My hair is safely hidden under the wig, away from the harsh cold NY weather. I moisturize my braids every other day, and the days that I don't moisturize, I oil my scalp with my MN/Castor oil mixture. I will wear this wig for 2 weeks, and relax the following week. In the picture below, I didn't braid the front of my hair the night before, so it's straight. It doesn't really matter, because I didn't really go anywhere important today. I was just taking pictures for my blog, because I wont have time to take pics other than today.

Quick review on "Tammy": It's light, airy, and the curls hold very well. Seems like it can last a long time with special care. I love it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outre Tammy Half Wig...I want it!

I've been looking at this wig for months now, but at times, I simply forget about it and always forget to purchase it. Not until 30 minutes ago when one of the girls I'm subscribed to on Youtube gave a wonderful review on it.

It's so wild and free and pretty! I can definitely see myself rocking this half wig. I can wear it like how the model is wearing it (in the photo), or i can wear it half up/half down, or even in a nice cute fluffy bun/ponytail.

I remember a while back [2007], I got a curly sew-in weave with bohemian hair by Outre, and it was really cute. This gave me an idea of how the "Tammy" wig would look on me.

Now I want to try the Outre Half wig! Its a nice stylish and cute way to hide my hair during my 12 week relaxer stretches. Once I get it, I will cornrow my hair underneath and just apply the wig over it. I will have to buy a thin headband to camouflage the frontal seams of the wig. I cant wait! I will be hitting up all of my beauty supply stores tomorrow on the hunt for this wig! If I cant find it, I will be ordering it online. I also love the fact that it gives me a chance to have easy access to my scalp so i can oil it with my MN/JBCO [miconazole nitrate/Jamaican Castor oil] mixture for more growth. I will update you all to let you know if i got the wig!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Aaliyah!

[January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001]

I just wanted to wish one of my hair inspiration diva's a Happy Birthday! Rest in peace beautiful! Wow I cant believe she would have been 31 y.o if she were still here with us.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Hair Goals.

For 2010, I want to continue on the path that I'm already on with my hair, and continue to love it, nurture it, and willing to do more research on new techniques to try with it. I want to boost up my diet and drink more water, eat more foods that contain protein, and take my vitamins faithfully. I also want to try new products with out breaking the bank. Here's the regimen that's been doing wonders for my hair in 2009. I will continue to use this regimen until i get to my ultimate goal which is MBL [Midback length]

I'm a very simple person with a very simple regimen:

1. Pre-poo with Lekair Cholesterol mixed with Coconut oil
2. Shampoo with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream lather shampoo.
3. Deep condition for 1 hr under heating cap with Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment
4. Rinse condition out
5. Spray Infusium 23 leave-in and follow up with Herbal Essences LTR leave in
6. Apply S-curl moisturizer to hair
7. Air dry
8. Once my hair 100% dry, section hair off and moisturize and seal each section with S-curl and Jamaican black castor oil.
9. Oil my scalp with my Jamaican Black Castor oil and MN mixture (6 weeks post and up)
10. Bun my hair for the week until wash day comes again
11. Once i reach 7 weeks post, after my hair air dries, I will braid my hair into cornrows, and put my half wig over it until I relax at 12 weeks post. I will wear the wig for 4-5 weeks.

**I relax every 12 weeks**

Here is what I am starting out with for 2010:

Dry Relaxed Hair [11.27.09] 0 weeks post.
By the end of 2010, I am hoping to reach BSL which would be the middle black zipper part of my dress. I do not have a set date to reach it, but i just want it to be in 2010!

Wet Relaxed hair [1.5.09] 5 weeks post.
I started using growth aids the day AFTER this pic was taken.

2010 Relaxer Schedule:
February 19, 2010 [12 weeks post]
May 14, 2010 [12 weeks post]
August 6, 2010 [12 weeks post]
October 29, 2010 [12 weeks post]

November 2009 relaxer updates [Late]

I am long overdue on updating my blog about my November relaxer. It's so hard to have a Youtube, Fotki, Hairlista AND blogger account. Sometimes, you just seem to miss one of them because there are so many lol. But, better late than never! I relaxed at 12 weeks post on November 27th, 2009. For the first time, I allowed my cousin to relax my hair for me at the hair salon she works at. She graduated from Aveda Institute from Manhattan, and she also has a portfolio of her clients hairstyles. She's really good! And I was shocked when she asked me if she could relax my hair for me. Usually I just let her trim my ends, because she's great at that. I decided to give her a try. I went to the salon where she works at, and she relaxed my hair very nicely with a relaxer called Design Essentials Sensitive Scalp. I am not sure if it's a lye or no-lye relaxer, but it made my hair feel very nice. After she rinsed out the relaxer, she put some treatment in my hair and sat me under a dryer for 30 minutes. She rinsed it out, then proceeded with blow drying my hair with a paddle brush. She trimmed my ends, and then flat ironed. She also gave me bangs. I loved it! I was swanging it all over the place, I thought i was gonna break my neck lol. I officially hired her as my new more Dominicans for me! My current length, when these photos were taken, is grazing APL. In 2009, I reached APL more than once, but my ends were thin and see through from the braids and for stretching out my relaxer too long. Ladies, If you're gonna stretch for 6 months or more, make sure on your relaxer day you get a nice trim. I neglected to do that in hopes of claiming length, but unfortunately it left me with dead ends. My cousin cut like 3 inches off of my ends over the summer, then the healing began. I am glad that the splits and thinness are all gone now and I can continue on to greater lengths.

Swanging it!

1 inch away from APL.

I love the bangs! Look at those ends! =]

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

I wanted to take the time and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I have a few goals I would like to accomplish this year. One of them is to experiment with cooking. I love making food! My biggest challenge is to tackle Haitian food. Haitians are tough critics when it comes to most things, especially food. That's why its so hard for me to learn. But hopefully in 2010, I'll experience with cooking Haitian food, and other types of food. The other day, I made this AMAZING spaghetti and meat ball dish for the first time...I wish I could have taken pics, but my hands were too occupied, and i was STARVING because I haven't eaten all day! Dinner was ready by 5:30pm. I actually gave my mom a rest from cooking for us, and I decided to take over, while she ironed the laundry. She seemed very happy that I was cooking and giving her a break. My brother, sister, and cousin ate my spaghetti and there was almost none left was delicious! So that's one of my goals, cooking. Other goals are to save more money in my savings account, eat out less, be more organized, use my money wisely, and get more sleep. I'm so tired of staying up online till 2 or 3 in the morning, when i have to wake up at 8am or 9am. I need my sleep! Of course I have goals for my hair. I'm not really worried about length, because i don't want to set a date for me to reach a certain length, and when that date comes, I don't reach it...I don't like disappointing myself, so I'll just let my hair do its thing. Before 2010 is over, I would be happy if I reach BSL. Just to let my followers know, I will not only be blogging about my hair, but also about food. I love to cook new things, and when i do, I'll blog about it!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bringing in the New Year...Haitian Style!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone enjoys 2010! Wow, i cant believe its 2010! A fresh new decade has just begun!

Anyways, If you all don't already know, I'm Haitian American. In the Haitian culture, we have a yearly tradition as to how we celebrate the New Year. In my house, my parents never like to go into a brand new year with a dirty house, so we clean the house from the ceiling to the floor, and throw away all the things we don't need. The laundry is done, everything is clean and the environment just feels stress-free.

One Haitian tradition adopted by ALL Haitian families is drinking "Soup Joumou...pronounced [joo-moo]". The purpose of drinking this soup dates back to the slavery times in Haiti. As you already know, Haiti is the first independent Black country. We gained our Independence on January 1, 1804. We celebrate our Independence by drinking Soup Joumou. Soup Joumou was originally a soup for the rich Frenchmen that tried to take over our country. My mom said if a slave was ever found drinking this soup, he/she would get killed on the spot. The slaves fought for their independance and drove the French out of our island. Now, every New Year, its a tradition that all Haitians drink Soup Joumou as a sign of freedom.

I've been drinking this soup since I was born. And we only have it once a year. Its mostly made out of Squash. It also contains carrots, celery, cabbage, beef, pasta...its really good, and an awesome dish to start off the year. My mom makes it, and its really good!