Monday, December 7, 2009

Im getting a Mac!

Sorry ladies! I've been gone for a while due to intense studying and exams at school, but I'm back now. The semester is almost over, and soon I will be on vacation from school for 1 whole month! But anyhow...I just wanted to tell you ladies/guys who view my YouTube videos that I will be coming out with much better quality videos to keep you all even more motivated on your hair journey's. I'm a very creative person and I think that the videos that I have out right now are "alright", but they're not creative as I like them to be. My Kodak camera is not compatible with Windows movie maker on my desktop (i hate PCs!) It is only compatible with Quicktime player. In order for me to edit videos, I would have to buy a new camera (one that's compatible with Windows movie maker) and then get started on making creative videos. But I really don't want to buy a new camera because I love my Kodak. Then, I started thinking about Macbooks! Quicktime player is a program ran by Apple. Not only that...but with a Apple computer, you can edit really cool videos. Also, I'm a college student and I need my own computer to do my homework and stuff, rather than waiting for my brother or sister to finish using the desktop. Also, the fact that Apple computers don't get viruses is a plus for me! So my mind is really set on getting a Macbook Pro. I should have it before December is up. Hopefully by Christmas! *Counting down the days*

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Hello everybody!

Christmas is almost here and I'm wondering what's on your list this year? I don't really want a lot of stuff..(im not asking for much) Here's mine:

1. Macbook Pro laptop computer
2. Juicy Couture chain necklace
3. Winter clothes
4. A good time with my family

What's on your list?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you SEDU? Guess what i got in the mail!

OMG ladies...I've been looking high and low for a great flat iron for a while now. Now, before you start thinking negatively, please note that i am NOT a heat junkie AT ALL! Seriously, this year I've only flat ironed my hair 3 times! Once in April, then again in July, then again in August. But I have a Maxiglide and its too big and bulky. My arms are kind of scrawny and they get really tired, especially when i do the back. From 1-5, i rate the Maxiglide a 3.5 :(

Why do i want a flat iron so bad?
Well since i stretch my relaxers, I like to keep my roots nice and straight to add longevity to my stretches. I would only be using my flat iron once or twice a month anyways, and that is not bad at all. And i would only be flat ironing the roots ONLY, not the whole hair. I want a nice 1 inch flat iron that can get close to my roots and is light weight. Also, if i ever decide to go natural, this is a great tool to have to camouflage my hair when I'm out of braids.

Anyways, for a few months now, I've been on the hunt for a great flat iron that is well worth the money. As you can see from my former blog post, I really fell in love with the Babybliss Nano Titanium iron. But after reading a few reviews on, some users said that the iron burned their ends, and leaves them with dead ends. I care SO much about healthy ends, and i really do not want to jeopardize my hard work with just one swipe of that flat iron. So i changed my mind. I've been eyeing the Sedu for a while now and since i was already on, i decided to read all the reviews. There are approximately 4353 reviews on this iron alone! Its rated the #1 Customer Satisfaction iron and its the top selling iron on the market! I saw all the before and afters, and they were amazing. I even saw black women with similar hair types as mine, and after using it properly, some of them who were natural looked like they just stepped out of the salon with a relaxer! I was immediately sold to the product. I placed my order yesterday morning before heading out to work. It's a little pricey, but i saved 50%! Originally it was $220 bucks but I paid $108 with free shipping and a free heating pouch! After work, i came back home and checked my email, and already sent me a notice letting me know that my item has shipped! On the same day! Oh..that's not the best part..listen to this...After i woke up this morning, i went to check my email again to track my package and it said my package is already at my local UPS and is out and ready to be delivered! Omg i cant believe i ordered the iron YESTERDAY morning before work and it arrived to me TODAY, this afternoon to be exact! I think its because the Folica company is in New Jersey and I'm in New York [tri-state area]. I'm so happy! 5 star customer service! Its nice and lightweight. I also tried a test sample on my bangs, and it got real close to my scalp and didn't even burn. I will post another blog when i use it on my hair!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is my hair up to?

As of right now, November 2nd 2009, I am 8 weeks post relaxer. My new growth is getting a little bit crazy but I think the only thing that is keeping me from going crazy is that my hair is cornrowed under my homemade half wig. I plan on wearing this wig for 3 more weeks. My hair is loving it because its not being manipulated too much and has a chance to rest and thrive. I am currently debating whether or not to relax @ 12 weeks post or @ 17 weeks post. I'm a bridesmaid and will be walking in a wedding coming up on December 4th, and I have no idea what kind of cute formal hairstyle to wear to a big event like this with 12+ weeks post relaxer hair. Buns are out of the question, and so are braid outs. That gives me no other choice but to relax it. I think i might do some Shirley Temple curls like I did for my birthday. I am really not quite sure yet. I was really determined to stretch for 4 months but due to the wedding, I am unable to do that at this time and will have to stretch at 3 months instead. I am also noticing less hair shedding because I've been taking my iron pills faithfully everyday since September. My doctor called me with great news that my iron levels are normal after many years of it being low. November will be a very busy month for me academically, so I wont be online so often and I also wont have time to mess with my hair so often.

Here is what i plan on doing to my hair for the whole month of November:

Week 1: Wear my half wig, and keep my braids underneath moisturized and sealed. Wash day is Friday.

Week 2: Wear my half wig, and keep my braids underneath moisturized and sealed. Wash day is Friday.

Week 3: Wear my half wig, and keep my braids underneath moisturized and sealed. Wash day is Friday.

Week 4: Wear my hair in a bun for Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving I will be relaxing my hair at the salon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I want this so bad! Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron!

For months, I've been looking for a really good flat iron. Keep in mind i only flat iron my hair no more than once every 2 or 3 months. But since i will no longer be getting braids, It's hard for me to stretch my relaxers past 12 weeks. I want to be able to stretch my relaxers to 4 months max. I was thinking that maybe once a month, i would flat iron my roots only so that i wont go crazy and slap a relaxer on it sooner. I already own a Maxiglide, but truthfully, it straightens "o.k" but not the best, and its too bulky. My arms start to get tired when i do the back. My new growth is very course and resistant, and the Maxiglide doesn't give me that straightness that i desire. Since this past summer, I had my eyes set on a flat iron i saw from a tutorial on Youtube. The model was black and her hair seemed to be quite similar to mine. The hair stylist was straightening her hair and it looked like silk afterwards! I did some research and came to find out that the iron he was using was called the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra Slim Straightening Iron lol..i know..long name right? But the magic i saw that stylist work on his clients head immediatly had me sold to the product. To view the video, please click here. First of all, the iron is very lightweight and its "ultra slim", which means it can get very close to my scalp. Another woman did a flat iron tutorial, and she mentioned in her video that this iron gave her better results than the CHI straightener, at a fraction of the cost as well. It is also a Titanium flat iron. I read that titanium irons heat up faster and give you better salon quality results than ceramic irons, which is why most flat irons in quality hair salons only serve with titanium irons. It is also safe for your hair, helping in sealing the moisture in your hair cuticles. It only comes in blue, but i wish it came in pink or purple! The blue is nice though, I could deal with it. I plan on getting this iron sometime in November. There are not many reviews on this iron by Black women on Youtube, so i think i will be one of the first ones to give a review of this iron on thick type 4b/c hair. I've been searching Youtube high and low for a review of this iron by someone who has a similar hair type as mine, and have not found a great video yet. I guess i will be the first! The price varies depending on where you buy it. It shouldnt cost more than $199 dollars. To read more details on this iron, please click here. What more can you ask for? Lightweight, straightens very well without the damage, gets close to your scalp, gives salon quality results, and did i mention it comes with a 4 year warranty? I think i might be in love!

Product Features:

  • Straightens hair up to 40% faster
  • Titanium: Provides superior heat conductivity, exceptionally resistant to chemical corrosion, as strong as steel with only 60% of its density, the smoothest surface available in styling tools
  • Ionic Technology to smooth the hairs cuticle, sealing in moisture and shine
  • Nano Technology  Existing materials are reduced in size, enhancing their natural properties for maximum efficiency
  • Built in Digital Ionic Generator

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pure African Shea Butter!

This past Saturday, I went to the Bronx with my African friend and we went to the African Market, where his best friend works. I walked around a bit and saw all the foods and such that Africans use to prepare meals, and things of that nature. It was really interesting. They even had some beauty products too. I asked my friend to ask his friend if they had Shea butter. He looked at me and asked, "How do you know about Shea butter?" Its like he was thinking that since I'm not African, I'm not supposed to know about Shea butter lol. Anyways, well after being on this hair journey for almost 3 years, I know a lot about hair and natural products and such, but I didn't want to explain all of that to him, so I just said "the Internet" lol. His friend went to the back freezer and got a tub of white Shea butter. At first i thought Shea butter was supposed to be yellow, but after doing a Google search, I found out the natural butters come in either yellow or white. My friend bought it for me for $7 bucks. It reminds me of Coconut oil because its melts at room temperature and freezes when the room temperature is low. It smells like dough too. I plan on mixing this on the stove top with some coconut oil and using it as a moisturizer on my wash day only. I plan on relaxing my hair in January. This will make me 4 months post relaxer and my new growth will need a lot of moisturizing! I hope this works. I will also be sharing this with my sister because she's on a natural hair journey right now.

Ugh...I got me some UGGS!

I've seen a lot of women/girls rocking UGGS, and I never wanted to mix in with the crowd so I never got them. I stuck with my cute ankle Minnetonka fringe boots instead. But i sat down and started thinking that, maybe, I need a pair of really comfortable shoes for the colder seasons. The Minnetonka's are comfy, but I cant wear them out in the rain or snow. All of my other shoes consist of sneakers, flats, and other types of boots, that are not really comfortable and warm for winter. All of a sudden, I started to think about Uggs. I never really thought about their appearance, i just thought they were normal, kind of boring, boots. After looking through my Fall/winter wardrobe, I thought a pair of Uggs would be suitable. I got the brown ones because i think they match with pretty much everything. I wont be wearing them too often because after a while, they really do live up to their name and start to look "UGG-ly", and slouchy and just plain I bought them from a store in my mall called The Walking Company. And they retailed for $140 dollars, not including tax. I also bought the waterproof spray to keep them looking nice and fresh. I cant stand seeing girls wearing dirty, slouchy UGG boots! Ugh!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Relaxer Update..

I relaxed my hair on September 4th but being busy and tired with work and school, I never really had a chance to update my blog. Sorry!! Well, I relaxed my hair on September 4th @ 10 weeks post relaxer. Since starting my hair journey, this by far is the shortest stretch for me. Being without box braids has made me realize how hard it is to deal with my actual hair when it is not braided. The summer heat and using growth aides and what not, has made my new growth crazy! I think i got about 1-1.5 inches in a period of 2 months, which is pretty good! I was planning on relaxing my hair at 12 weeks post, but with school opening up, and other things going on, I decided to relax it at 10 weeks. I was also experiencing a lot of shedding, so I had to shorten my stretch a little bit. Again, I relaxed with Soft-n-Beautiful no-lye relaxer with Triple Hydration Oil. Its a good relaxer, but my hair is very resistant, so i still have a few waves here and there, mostly in my crown and nape areas. I am now 3 weeks post relaxer and i plan on relaxing either at 11 or 12 weeks next time in November. In the photo below, my hair was roller setted after the relaxer, which is why it is bumped at the ends and looks full shoulder length. I am actually APL here.

A few days later, I got a much needed trim. Let me tell hair felt sooo much better. I was APL before the trim, but it bought me back up to full shoulder length..i have like 2 inches or so to reach APL again. Did you know i was APL 2 times already? lol..I no longer care about length anymore, its all about healthy hair. Healthy ends will promote healthy growing hair ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jamaican Black Castor Oil results!!!

I placed my order for JBCO on July 10th, received it July 14th, and started using it right away. I used it every single day [in the morning and night] as my sealant after moisturizing with either S-curl or Wave Nouveau. On wash days only (once a week) are the times i use it directly on my scalp after my hair is done air drying. I mixed it with MN and applied it to my scalp. My hair has become thicker and longer too..i love this stuff! I will definitely be buying more of this in a few weeks! Check out the picture below!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Relaxing 2 weeks earlier...

I decided to relax at 10 weeks post instead of 12, making this the shortest stretch I've ever done...The summer heat has contributed to a lot of the growth I have this time around. Also, I've been using Jamaican Black Castor oil faithfully as a sealent after my Wave Nouveau moisturizing finishing lotion every single day. I use it on my scalp mixed with MN only on wash days though. I've done protective styles 99% of the time this summer, and only used direct heat [with a heat protectant!] only 2 times. The reason why im relaxing so early is because school is starting soon and honestly, i really dont feel like wearing my hair in a ponytail/bun. I also have a baptism to go to and many other things going on. I also decided that if i do a major trim on my ends, i will start stretching my relaxers to 6 months again just so i can be BSL by Spring 2010. You know i can not stretch that long with out braids, so if i do go along with that decision, i will be getting braids in December when im 3 months post. Stay tuned for my relaxer/trim updates coming up on Friday September 4th!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My favorite Fall hairstyle...bangs!

I really love bangs for the Fall season. I cut them bluntly for the Spring, but the hair on my forehead just made me sweat more. I didn't give myself a chance to wear them often because of the weather issues. Since then, they have grown about 1.5 inches past my eyes. I decided that for the upcoming Fall season, I'm gonna rock side swept bangs. I feel that having bangs for the Fall is very fashionable and also has a way of keeping me warm in a sense lol...Since my blunt bangs grew out, what i will do is sweep them to the side and create side swept bangs. I plan on wearing those beret French hats a lot for the Fall and side swept bangs look great with them. Fall..."hair" i come!

Since the time i flat ironed my hair in July, my hair was basically the same length as Beyonce's weave here. I will wear my hair like this when i relax it soon ;)

If i have to trim my hair, then i believe i will end up at Lauren's length down here. This is also cute =]

R.I.P Aaliyah...(My hair idol)

She was so beautiful, so young, and so talented. When she was alive, she was my favorite artist and she still is. Back then, I didn't care what i would be doing at the moment, but every time one of her videos came up on TV, i dropped everything and ran to go watch the video. Her beauty was so contagious, my eyes would literally get glued to the screen lol.. I really envied that long thick beautiful black hair that she always kept down her back with that swoop thingy over her left eye lol..She was so pretty and flawless! She's truly the one who motivated me to start my hair journey and she's still pushing me to keep going. My ultimate goal is to reach what she had, which i believe was mid-back to waist length hair. I love you baby girl, and you are truly missed. I cant believe you've been gone for 8 whole years. I know you're in Heaven smiling down at all your fans. You truly were an angel on Earth. ♥ Aaliyah...the highest most exalted one..♥

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My First Braidout!

I did a braid out for the first time ever since starting my journey almost 3 years ago! I felt that i had enough length to do a braid out, so i decided it was time to do one.

Here's what i did:
♥ Pre-poo'd with Coconut oil
♥ Shampoo'd with NTM Cream lather shampoo
♥ Deep conditioned for 45 minutes with ORS Replenishing conditioner
♥ Parted my hair into 8 sections and detangled each section well
♥ Applied Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Leave-in to each section
♥ Applied a little bit of EVOO [Extra virgin olive oil] to each section focusing on ends
♥ Braided each section not too tight, but not too loose to have a wavy textured look
♥ Rolled the ends up with end wrap papers and perm rods

I airdried, then went to bed. When i woke up, my hair was still a little damp, so i had to sit under the dryer for 30 minutes. Unraveled, then voila! Nice curly, moisturized braid out. My hair was moisturized for days, i literally did not have to moisturize and seal my hair for like 3 days after that. I love this style! Especially for summer. To keep the style in for the whole week, make sure you re-braid each section and put satin rollers at the ends before going to bed. And of course tying your hair down with a satin silk scarf, and satin bonnet over it =) I did this last weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Regimen *Updated 8/11/09*

I bought some new products, so I thought, why not make a new regimen? There is nothing wrong with my old regimen, but I'm always up for change. So here goes:

[Every other week] *I wash once a week*
1. Pre-poo for 30 minutes with Silk Elements Intense conditioning Mayonaisse [protein]
2. Shampoo with NTM Cream Lather shampoo
3 Deep condition with Keracare Humecto for 1 hour [moisture]
4. Spray Infusium 23 leave-in strengthener throughout hair
5. Moisturize wet hair with a quarter size of S-curl
6. Airdry
7. Oil scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil mixed with MN [Only on wash days]

[Alternating week] *I wash once a week*
1. Pre-poo overnight with Coconut Oil
2. Shampoo with NTM Cream Lather shampoo
3. Deep condition with ORS Replenishing conditioner for 45 minutes [protein & moisture ♥]
4. Spray Infusium 23 leave-in strengthener throughout hair
5. Moisturize with a quarter size of S-curl
6. Airdry
7. Oil scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil mixed with MN [Only on wash days]

Things i do to my hair:
1. After im done washing, depending on how many weeks post i am, i do a rollerset (up to 4 weeks post), or bun (5 + weeks post), or braid out (5 + weeks post)
2. I moisturize and seal with JBCO every morning and night
3. I baggy my ends nightly with my moisturizer, sealed with JBCO
4. I dust my ends every time i relax now [i used to do it once a year]
5. I relax up to 3-4 months now [used to do them every 6 months]
6. I comb my hair mainly on wash day, but if i have to fix up my bun, i "rake" very gently through my hair w/ a wide tooth comb
7. I keep my hair tied up w/ a satin scarf every single time im inside my house (5 + weeks post)
8. I airdry 90% of the time
9. I never use direct heat, unless i have too, which is not too often
10. I only co-wash when i want to wash a hairstyle out of my hair long before my wash day is due

My products:
Oils: Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Virgin Olive oil
Shampoo: NTM cream lather shampoo, Henna Queen Garlic shampoo (for shedding)
Light protein conditioners: Silk Elements Intense conditioning Mayo, ORS replenishing pak
Moisture conditioner: Keracare Humecto creme conditioner
Cheap conditioner [co-wash]: V05 moisture milks in any scent
Leave-in's: Infusium 23,
Cream leave-in/moisturizers: Herbal Essence LTR leave in, NTM silk touch leave in
Moisturizers: Wave Nouveau, S-curl, Elasta QP mango butter

Vitamin Regimen
Hair, Skin, Nails by Orgin for Women [ 3 capsules per day]
Fish oil vitamins [2 capsules a day]
Iron supplements [1 capsule a day]

Relaxer Schedule 2009
April 4th, 2009 [APL]......6 months post
June 26, 2009 [Grazing APL..i had to trim..arrgh]......12 weeks post
October 3, 2009......14 weeks post...September 18, 2009 @ 12 weeks post

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair Regimen For Swimming

It's Summer time, and i know that's when a lot of people love going swimming at the beach and/or pool. If you're a relaxed head like me, you should take some precautions to protect your hair from all that harsh water. After reading up on some things and researching on what to use on relaxed hair while going swimming, i have formulated a pretty good regimen to help keep my tresses healthy and strong after coming out of the water.

This is some information i got from LHCF:

Before swimming

Before you enter the swimming pool, just stand under the shower and wet your hair thoroughly. Doing this will help your hair to absorb the normal water, and when you get into the pool the hair shafts will absorb less of the chlorinated water. Also, you can apply a little bit of natural hair conditioner into your wet hair, give it time to get absorbed by the hair shafts and then you’re ready to get into the pool.

The conditioner will moisturize your hair and at the same time will offer protection against chlorinated water. And your last option is to wear a swimming cap, although that isn’t very attractive an option, but it is one which offers maximum protection, especially when you’re planning to spend long hours in the pool.

After swimming:

When you step out of the pool, rush back to the shower and thoroughly rinse off your hair with normal water. If you’re swimming at the club, you can always order for a bottle of soda and just pour it over your hair to remove all traces of chlorine. Or else just shampoo them properly to remove chlorine from your hair.

Look for a shampoo which contains sodium thiosulfate, as this chemical will not only help to remove chlorine from the hair, but also the traces of hard metals which stick to your hair and turn your hair somewhat greenish. And lastly, if the damage is excessive then you’d better walk into a hair saloon to get to a proper treatment done.

Small Summer Product Haul!

I'm a very routine person, and have found that the products that i have been using have never let me down, which is why i stick to them. But as of lately, i have been very curious to see how other products would work for me. I'm not saying I'm not gonna use the old products that i have in my "stash", but i would like to try new things, and trying new things wont hurt. All of these products were purchased throughout the summer [June-August], but i was waiting for a good time to update you all on them. Here goes in no particular order! :

1. Neutrenga Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In: I blogged about this already a few weeks ago. Its really good, but i find that my hair likes it the most when i use it after a roller set and also when I'm wrapping my hair into a "doobie" at night. In the morning, when i unwrap my hair, it looks so shiny, moist, and fluffy...gotta love it! I bought it for $7.99 @ CVS

2. ORS Replenishing Pak: I remember using this only on my relaxer day when i used to relax with ORS Olive Oil No Lye relaxer. I never thought of using this as a regular weekly protein conditioner until recently. From what i can remember, my hair always looked beautiful and bouncy after relaxing with ORS, so i think i will give Lekair a break and start using this. Just in case my hair doesn't like it, i bought the the pak instead of the big bottle, just as a test sample. I bought it at Pathmart for $1.49.

3. Jamaican Black Castor Oil: I also blogged about this a few weeks ago. I have been using it ever since the day it showed up on my door step, and I'm very proud to say i have enough new growth to make it seem like i need a touch up. This stuff is great! I use it as a sealant and also on my clean scalp on my wash days. I bought it for $19.12 at

4. Ion Swimmers Shampoo: I'm going to the beach next week, and just to be on the safe side, i needed a shampoo that would get rid of all the minerals and chlorine from the water out of my hair. I have not been swimming ever since starting my healthy hair journey nearly 3 years ago, and i do not know how my healthy hair will react to that kind of water. So just to be safe, i bought this to immediately wash my hair out when i get out of the water. I bought it at Sally's for $5.49, it was on sale!

5. Silk Elements Megasilk Intensive Conditioning Mayonaisse: I have been hearing such good things about this mayo that the product junkie in me just HAD to have it lol..I think i will be using it in rotation with my ORS conditioner and my Lekair. I will be deep conditioning with it. I bought it at Sally's for $7.00.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Isn't This Ironic?

This Caucasian man and his wife adopted a little Ethiopian baby girl back in 2005. Clifton Green, an Emory University professor has the duty of doing his daughter's African American hair every week, and he couldn't be more proud! Clifton and his wife are happy to know how to properly style their daughter's hair and still let her embrace her African heritage. Their daughter Miriam Tigist Green, who is now 4, is happy too! "We wanted her to know her hair isn't a burden, but something really wonderful, something beautiful to be celebrated," her mother says.

Daddy, are you almost done?

All done! This is

Meanwhile, in Michigan, A Black mother shows off her frustration while doing her own flesh and blood daughter's hair. The little girl seems to be about the same age as the Ethiopian girl mentioned above. She screams in pain and tells her mother she hates her, while the mother tears away at her precious hair with a hard bristle brush and sprays little bits of what appears to be water, probably attempting to detangle the hair. I'm not trying to judge anybody, but i think its ironic how the white couple know how to care for their African daugther's hair, meanwhile this African American mother displays how NOT to take care for a young child's African hair. The white couple embraced their daughter's hair, even when they thought it would be a burden, but the Black mother calls her children's hair nappy, and not in a good way. The little girls brother plays happily in front of the camera, while the mother threatens him and says that he's "next". I cant jump to conclusions because i don't know what happened prior to the video being taped. Maybe the mom was having a bad day, or maybe the little girl was being a bad girl and this is the mother's way of punishment? She also used foul language with a small child! Either way, she shouldn't have torn through her daughters hair that way or spoken to her that way. Who knows if she will grow up hating her hair? Watch the video below. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lekair it!

I love Lekair cholesterol! After I'm done using it, my hair feels so much thicker and has a lot of body when i air dry or roller set. I have been using it since the start of journey (almost 3 years ago) and it has never let me down. I used to apply it straight, without any oils mixed to it, until recently. I started using coconut oil last month and fell in love with it so much that i started using it more frequentely in my regimen. I decided to mix it in with my Lekair. When i finished applying the Lekair/Coconut oil mixture to my hair and rinsed it out, my hair was so much softer than before, when i did not apply any oils to it. Lekair is a light protein conditioner, which is why my hair would feel a little hard and dry after rinsing it out, but by applying the coconut oil (which is the moisture), my hair felt balanced in protein and moisture, which is a plus! Lekair has a way of seeping into my hair strands, and fattening them up, which is probably the cholesterol doing it's magic. I deep condition with Lekair every single time i wash my hair, which is once a week. I part my hair into 6 sections, and i apply the cream from root to tip with a applicator brush. I deep condition under a heating cap for 1 hour, then rinse and proceed with my leave-in and moisturizer. It retails for only $2.99, which is good now a days, especially with this economy.

I love this stuff!

Product Description:
This rich, smooth, silky hair cream is a unique blend of Natural Organic Conditioners that strengthens, deep conditions and moisturizes damaged hair, split ends, dry-brittle and chemically processed hair. This specially formulated Hair Strengthening and Conditioning Cream is ideal for chemically relaxed hair.

Directions: First, shampoo thoroughly with Lekair Cholesterol Plus Hair Strengthening Shampoo (A Very Gentle Cleansing Formula). Rinse thoroughly and apply a generous amount of Cholesterol Plus Strengthening & Conditioning Cream to palm of hands. Massage thoroughly into hair and leave on hair for two minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat this conditioning process a second time, rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry. Now your hair is ready for that special style you're seeking.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol & PEG 40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil & Stearalkonium Choloride, Mineral oil, Cholesterol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Citric Acid, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Acetate, Vitamin A & D, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Tetrasodium, EDTA, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Red #4, Fragrance.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How To Make Your Hair Thicker!

Although i already have thick hair, i also incorporated these practices into my regimen to get more thickness. To me, there's no such thing as hair that is TOO thick lol. The thicker the better..and healthier too. :)

1. I air dry up to 90% of the time. If not, i do rollersets.

2. I incorporated Castor oil into my regimen. I use it as a sealant to seal in my moisturizer. You can also mix it in with your deep conditioners if you want.

3. Make sure your moisturizers/leave-ins/deep conditioners contain Panthenol. Panthenol is an ingredient in some hair products that acts as a thickening agent, and thickens the hair strands up to 10%

4. Deep condition weekly with a light protein based conditioner. I use Lekair cholesterol mixed with coconut oil!

5. Trim off the thin, see through ends.

6. Stretch relaxers to avoid over processing, which leads to thin damaged hair. I stretch up to 6 months.

7. I do not use heat on my hair. The only heat i use comes from when i sit under the dryer with rollers on my head, which is only twice a month.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drink your way to Gorgeous!

Healthy drinks to help you boost your beauty!
Nutritionist Lisa Drayer picks her top beauty boosting beverages...

For strong hair, drink a protein shake!
"Protein is the key to glossy, healthy locks. Try an iron-fortified shake with yogurt or milk to help promote growth and prevent dry brittle texture."

For bright eyes, drink a mango smoothie!
"The beta-carotene in mangoes is converted into vitamin A, which helps your eyes adapt to darkness and brings out shine."

For a healthy smile, drink milk!
"Milk helps build up your enamel, making teeth sparkly. Horizon has an Omega 3-fortified milk that also helps keep skin soft. "

For glowing skin, drink lemon water, green tea, and Acai juice!
"Adding vitamin C packed lemon to a glass of water can aid in collagen synthesis, minimizing wrinkles and dryness."

" Green tea hydrates like water but also contains poly phenols to protect skin against sun damage."

"Ingesting the Acai berry's juice is the best way to absorb it's skin-enhancing, anti-aging nutrients."

To get results...
Drink your beverage of choice daily, but dont expect an overnight transformation: Changes can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months.

Source of article: People Style Watch

Friday, July 17, 2009

Miconazole Nitrate for Growth

Miconazole Nitrate [MN] is an anti fungal agent used in yeast infection cremes and also foot fungus creams to treat infections. Popular brands known include Monistat and Daktrin. What these companies don't know is that many people are using these creams on thier hair to help increase growth. It works to clean the toxins out of your scalp, allowing your scalp to breath and in return, grow more hair. Many have claimed to get about an inch of growth in just 1 month, which is amazing! I have read that one of the most common side effects on using this on your scalp is the headaches you'll probably get. You can mix it with a carrier oil to reduce headaches. A lot of people are scared to use this too...I was very skeptical at first. In my mind i was thinking "Wow, vagina cream on your SCALP! These women will do ANYTHING to make their hair grow lol". But as i read more reviews, i loosened up a bit and decided to try it. I went to the Pharmacy to pick up some medicine and as i was waiting for the pharmacist to process it, i walked around the pharmacy searching for the MN. I finally found it and bought it to the check out. The guy looked at me a little funny because it was foot fungus cream lol. My brother even said "Eww you have foot fungus?" lol. "NO I don't! It's for my hair!," I said. Then he looked at me funny lol. Also, you dont have to use Monistat. They sell Miconazole Nitrate by itself. Or you can use Neosporin AF. You can also try any type of foot fungus cream. I bought my MN last Friday, and i will start using it as soon as my hair air dries. I will keep you all updated on if i see any growth or not. I already incorporated this into my growth challenge. You can buy these creams at Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, any Dollar store, Walmart, Target..anywhere. Just make sure that the active ingredient is Miconazole Nitrate 2%. I suggest doing your reasearch before using this product.

My Official Growth Challenge

I decided to start my growth challenge tomorrow Saturday July 18th through December 18, 2009. That is 5 months in total. I plan to grow my hair out to BSL . If i don't make it, i hope to be very close to probably 1/2 an inch to BSL. I made it to APL in my October 2008 relaxer, but i had to trim my ends. I reached APL again in my April 2009 relaxer, but did not trim. Then i relaxed in June 26, 2009, i was still APL but had to dust my ends which left me grazing APL. It's like i can never hold on to APL! Lol. I always have to trim! But in order to have healthy hair, the ends have to be trimmed. Now i am on a strict journey to grow my hair from grazing APL to BSL by December. I know i can do it. Wish me luck!

I will be adding these exercises to my regimen for maximum growth.

  1. Apply my MN/Jamaican Black Castor oil mixture to my scalp every Saturday & Tuesday
  2. Moisturize with either NTM silk touch or S curl and seal with Jamaican Castor oil twice a day
  3. Protect ends in a protective bun all the time after my hair air dries
  4. Baggy my ends every night before bed
  5. Keep my hair wrapped up in a satin scarf whenever I'm home
  6. Little to no combing/brushing
  7. Take vitamins everyday! No exceptions
Vitamins I will be taking:
  1. Target Brand Hair, Skin & Nails [3 tablets a day]
  2. Fish Oil [1 tablet a day]
  3. Iron [3 tablets a day]
Starting pic

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love NTM Silk Touch Leave-In Creme!

I went to CVS 2 weeks ago and picked up a bottle of Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch leave-in creme. I only bought this because I've been hearing so much good reviews on it, that i just had to try it out. I got it for $7.99 at CVS which is not really bad. I was a little confused on how to use it because it says "Leave-In" creme. Whenever a product says "Leave-In", i automatically think that its something i have to use on the day i wash my hair ONLY, so i got a little bit confused. I did some research and came to find out that it's just a name...i don't HAVE to use it as a leave-in. Many women use it as a moisturizer because its lightweight and also because it contains water and glycerin. I thought i would test it out to see if my hair agreed with it or not. My regular moisturizers consist of S-curl and Elasta QP Mango butter, but i pushed them to the side for 2 weeks to test out the NTM. It's really light, and a little runny, but smells gooodd!! I used it the same night i bought it. My hair was freshly relaxed, so i thought i would use it then. I applied a nickel size amount to my hand and worked it through my whole head, then wrapped it up. The next morning, my hair felt really soft and bouncy and had a great shine to it! I liked what i saw, so i kept on using it. I moisturize with it twice a day (morning & night) and seal with coconut oil. Today makes it 2 weeks since I've been using it and my hair is really silky and flowy =] I even tried to test the elasticity of my hair to see how well it worked. I got a strand of my hair from my comb and tried to break it by pulling it apart and it took a while to break..which means my hair has elasticity! When your hair has elasticity, it is less prone to breakage. Try this creme for yourself ladies! I use it on dry hair, even though the directions on the label say to use it on wet hair, it doesn't really matter. See if your hair likes it!

My hair 2 weeks after using NTM silk touch leave-in creme ;).

Extra Info on this product:
- developed to treat extra dry or over-processed hair
- softens, smoothes and conditions hair for exceptional manageability
- contains UV filters

Moisturizes for instant and lasting improvements to hair texture and manageability. The ideal consistency for medium to thick hair textures, this silky leave-in cream melts effortlessly into strands, moisturizing while diminishing flyaways and frizz. Hair stays naturally soft and touchable all day - no flaking, heaviness, or stickiness. The advanced formula helps improve hair quality with every use. Contains UV filters.

Three naturally derived extracts penetrate to help moisturize each layer of the hair strand:

Olive: penetrates to the center
Meadowfoam Seed: helps moisturize the middle
Sweet Almond: wraps the surface

Shake well. Apply to damp hair. Dispense a small amount into palm, then spread between hands to form a thin layer. Gently work cream downward throughout hair with fingers, concentrating on ends and outer layers. Do not rinse. Style as usual.

Ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Behenyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Polyquaternium 37, Cetrimonium Chloride, Behentrimonium Chloride, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Meadowfoam Seed Oil (limnanthes alba), Olive Fruit Oil (olea europaea), Sweet Almond Oil (prunus amygdalis dulcis), Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, PPG-1 Trideceth-6, Phenyl Trimethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How I Baggy

"Baggying" lol..isn't that a funny word? It's a funny word that can benefit you in the long run. Baggying is a technique used by many women to keep the ends of their hair hydrated overnight or even all day. Lets take a closer look at this cool technique.

What Baggying does: Baggying works in such a way to keep your ends hydrated and locks in moisture. The ends are the oldest part of your hair, and also the dryest, and need most care. Some people baggy their whole head. It also helps in preventing split ends. I recommend getting a trim/dusting first before you baggy.

Tools you'll need:
  • Moisturizer: Good ones have main ingredients that have glycerin and water. Ex: S-curl
  • Oil: Any type of natural oil is fine. I recommend extra virgin olive oil, Castor oil, or coconut oil
  • Plastic shower cap/Sand which bag: Used to lock the moisturizer in your hair from escaping
  • Rubber band: Used to secure the plastic on your ponytail and keeps it from falling off
How to baggy:
I start by moisturizing my whole head with a quarter size amount of S-curl. I gather my hair up into a loose but secure ponytail. On the ponytail part, i apply a dime size of S-curl on the ends. Then i take my coconut oil or Castor oil and seal off the ends. Afterwards, i take my plastic shower cap and put my ponytail in the inside. I take a rubber band and secure the bag from slipping off. Then i take my satin scarf and wrap around my head and I'm ready for bed! My ends stay hydrated through out the whole entire night. The next day, if i don't go anywhere, i leave the bag on my ends for 24 hours ;) I baggy every single night when i have my bun. This is one of the many techniques i used to retain length. It really helps! Try it out!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tools You Need To Start Your Hair Journey [Beginners]

Are you just learning about how to take care of your hair but you need guidance on how to get started? What products/tools to buy? For beginners, here are all the tools you need to get you started on the right track for your hair journey!

Hair Products

1. Shampoo: Make sure its a moisturizing one that also detangles
2. Clarifying shampoo: If you used hairspray, gel, or went swimming, this works to get rid of all the buildup.
2. Conditioner/Cholesterol : Use a conditioner that has protein in it to make your hair stronger. This is also used for deep conditioning.
3. Cheap conditioner: You will need this to co-wash your hair if you dont feel like shampooing. Vo5 and Suave are popular cheap conditioners. *co-washing is optional*
4. Leave-in strengthener: The name speaks for itself. It gives the hair strength all throughout the week until you wash again.
5. Moisturizer: Afro kinky hair needs moisture to prevent breakage and retain the length of the hair. Avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil and petrolatum [these 2 only coat the hair and dries it out].
6. Oils: Any natural oil [Virgin olive oil, Castor oil, coconut oil..etc] is used on hair for many reasons, whether it be to seal in moisture from moisturizer, mix it in with other products, pre-poo, baggy, many possibilities.
7. Heat protectant: Heat is very damaging to all types of hair, especially ours. Make sure you apply a heat protectant to prevent serious damage.

1. Wide tooth combs: Used to detangle hair and remove any knots
2. Applicator brush: Can be used to apply conditioners, relaxers, pre-pooing products
3. Boar Bristle brush: Can be used to smooth out your hair from any frizzing when you do your protective buns/ponytails
4. Paddle brush: Can be used to wrap your hair at night. Find one that distributes oil from your scalp onto your hair so that when you unwrap it, your hair is shiny
5. Tail combs: Can be used to part your hair into sections when you rollerset, do bantu knots, braid outs, etc
* I dont recommend combing/brushing your hair everyday. Finger combing is safer. Try to do protective styles 90% of the time so you wont have to use combs/brushes every day. *

Hot Tools
1. Ionic Blow dryer: If you want to skip air drying, this is a good tool to use especially if its Ionic. Ionic tools hold more moisture in the hair shaft. I don't recommend using this on a daily basis. Once/twice a month is fine with a heat protectant.
2. Hooded Dryer: Most commonly used by those who roller set. This is a safe hot tool because the heat is indirect, which means it's is not at all damaging.
3. Deep conditioning cap: This allows the conditioner to penetrate more into your hair shaft giving you the ultimate results. Also a safe hot tool.
4. Ceramic Flat iron: If you stretch your relaxers and want your roots to look straight, you can use this probably once or twice a month with a heat protectant. I don't recommend using this on a daily basis.

1. Magnetic rollers and roller clips: Roller setting is a very safe hairstyle. If you don't want to air dry or blow dry, this is a good way of getting your hair dry and also making it pretty.
2. Ponytail holders: Cant do buns/ponytails with out them. Make sure you buy the snag-less versions
3. Spray bottle: Very convenient when you do roller sets.
4. Barber scissors: Can be used to dust the ends of your hair to get rid of split ends. If you cant cut your hair yourself, go to someone you trust to do it for you.

I think these are all the things you need to get you started on your journey! You don't have to buy them all at once. It will all slowly build up with time. Happy Hair Journey!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Yay! I just placed my order for Jamaican Black Castor Oil! I have never used JBCO, but i have read many reviews, and seen many progress pics concerning this oil. I have the regular Home Health Castor oil that i bought from the Vitamin Shoppe. That one works too, but i think JBCO works better. The JBCO is unrefined, which means there are no additives in it, it is 100% pure and will work better. I've been meaning to get this oil for 2 years! But i always put it off to the side :/ Now that i finally ordered it, I'm really happy! I will now be using this oil as my growth aid for my BSL challenge. I ordered this from for $9.99. Shipping + tax made my total come out to a cool $19.12, under $20 bucks! The brand of this oil is called Tropic Isle. According to the manufacturer, Tropic Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is known to cleanse toxins from the scalp, nourish and thicken the hair, stimulate hair growth, moisturize dry brittle hair, repair split ends, and give hair body and bounce. I hope i see beautiful results!

How I Stretch My Relaxer

Stretching comes very naturally to me. You have to have patience in order to stretch successfully, which will then yield in good results :)

Definition: Stretching is defined as "waiting" longer than the traditional 8-10 weeks until you get your next touch up. If you go any longer than 8-10 weeks, that means that you're stretching. Normal stretchers can stretch up to about 12-14 weeks. Advanced stretchers can stretch up to a period of 6 months to a year!

Why Do People Stretch?: The importance of stretching is to avoid over processing [which could lead to weakened damaged hair], gain a greater amount of length, and also strengthening and thickening up the hair.

Different Textures: When you stretch for a period of time, there will be an obvious difference in textures. This difference is where the natural hair [new growth] meets the relaxed hair. In the hair world, we call this the demarcation line. The demarcation line is very fragile and the relaxed ends can easily be snapped off from the natural hair if the two textures are not properly moisturized on a regular basis.

Hairstyles: Some people stretch by doing protective styles 24/7 or simply by getting braids. I honestly can not stretch for 6 months with out braids..I would go crazy and probably relax sooner. I normally get 2-3 inches of growth when i stretch for 6 months. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but i don't take growth aids to increase my growth rate. Hair grows at about .5 inches per month, so this is normal for me to get 2- 3 inches of growth with out any growth aids. I am now just considering taking growth aids.

How i stretch:
1. I get a relaxer
2. When I am almost 3 months post [12 weeks], i get box braids and leave them in for 2 whole months
3. I take out my braids after 2 months and this leaves me at 5 months post [20 weeks]
4. I deep condition and strengthen my hair for the whole month prior to the relaxer process
5. I am now 6 months post [24 weeks] and ready for a relaxer ;)

Since I'm APL [arm pit length] now, i decided not to get box braids anymore because i feel my hair has graduated from braids. My hair is now very close to the length of the human hair i use for box braids, and i don't want to go any longer because it becomes difficult to sleep in. So, i cut my stretching time to 3 months instead of 6.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Hair Regimen!

1. Pre-poo overnight with Coconut Oil
2. Shampoo with NTM Creme lather shampoo
3. Deep Condition with Lekair Cholesterol [pink one] for 1 hour. I mix this whole container in with 3 to 4 spoons of coconut oil.
4. Spray Infusium 23 Leave-in strengthener through out hair after I rinse out the conditioner.

I either air dry in a ponytail or roller set .

If i roller set, then i:

1. Fill a spray bottle with water, Lottabody setting lotion, and IC heat protectant and shake vigorously.
2. I part my hair, and spray each section 2-3 times with the mixture.
3. I use purple magnetic rollers so my hair could be bouncy. I love bounce!
4. Sit under the dryer for 1 hour or so.
5. Remove rollers and apply a quarter size of NTM silk touch leave-in through out my hair.
6. Saran wrap my hair for 20 minutes. Finished! My hair comes out looking very soft, healthy and bouncy.
7. After 2 days of leaving my hair out, i put my hair back up into my signature bun and continue with the moisturizing and sealing

If i air dry:
1. I apply S-curl moisturizer to my wet hair [from roots to ends], to give it moisture while it dries and to prevent frizzy ends which can lead to dryness and breakage.
2. I gather all my hair up into a ponytail (with the tail hanging out) and allow it air dry around the house
3. When hair is 100% dry, i divide my hair into sections, and moisturize each section with NTM silk touch leave in, focusing especially on the ends.
4. When I'm done, i put my hair into a nice neat bun, and seal it with coconut oil
5. My hair stays like this for the whole entire week [no combing or brushing]
6. I moisturize and seal 2X a day and make sure i have a satin scarf around my head at all times when I'm home

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Personal Growth Challenge

I am on a mission now to grow my hair to BSL by the end of the year. I have 5 months left until the year ends. My hair, with out any growth aids, grows at about .5 inches a month. I am at APL now and i have 3 or 4 more inches until i reach BSL. With out any growth aids, I'm afraid i will not reach my year end goal. I have been researching on growth aids and found many things i could do to make my hair grow at a faster rate. I plan on ordering Jamaican Black Castor oil to get started. I also plan on taking MN [Micronazole nitrate] as well. I would love to try a product called Boundless Tresses. I have been debating on getting this product since December of 2008 and i have put it out of mind until now. The woman who invented this product takes us through her journey of growing her hair out with this oil. In my opinion, her hair is beautiful and thick! I've read reviews about this and women have said that they have gained a good amount of new growth in a short amount of time. Caisha, the woman who invented this oil, has said herself that she gets about 1 inch a month of growth! That's amazing. I am so ready to order this product. Once i get it, i will be doing a personal 30 day challenge to see if it works for me or not. Not only will i be using BT, but i will also be incorporating vitamins and water into my regimen. I plan to drink 8 glasses of water a day and take 1 Fish oil caplet, 3 iron caplets, and 1 multi-vitamin per day. I hope i see results!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Hairstory

Where do you i begin? I guess I'll start with Middle School. I never was the one to have the longest hair out of the bunch, but my hair was pretty thick. The longest i could ever remember it being was shoulder length, and that was when i was in grades 7 all the way through 9. After that, it all went down hill. I got a really bad relaxer in the 10th grade and my stylist gave me a cut up to my jawline to start over new. Guess what? It never grew back lol..My hair has been jawline length for the longest time. I began to think that she couldnt do hair, so i left her salon and started going to the Dominicans in my Senior year of High school. Everybody was talking about the "Dominicans" like they were saviors for hair, so i had to try them out. The first time i went to them, i liked how they did hair, but at the same time, if i knew what i know now about hair, i would have never went to them. Little did i know that they were frying and damaging my hair with thier weekly/bi-weekly blow outs..I never understood why you had to get your roots blown out AFTER a relaxer..i mean, aren't your roots straight enough? How straight do you want them to get? They put highlights in my hair and did not use the proper treatment to maintain the color nor the health of my hair. You know how color is bad for your hair right? You need that extra TLC to get it in shape..and they never did that. I've been going to them for a year. When my 1 year anniversary of me going to the Dominicans came, i looked at photos of myself for that past year and realized my hair stayed the same..I was tired of having the same length, i was tired of the damage, i was tired of the heat, i was tired of spending $23 dollars for a wash and set every 2 weeks in return for no growth/progress. So, i rested my hair with micro braids, and tried to find ways to make my hair healthy. But i was stuck and needed serious guidance. I did a google search and found a website called the rest is history, lol. To make a long story short, i started from jawline length, and i am currently at APL. My hair would have been longer, but i like to trim so i can have thick ends. Who knew that i could make my hair healthy without having to depend on a stylist? The only thing i like about the Dominicans is how they apply relaxers, which is the only time i ever go them . I get a relaxer 3 times a year.

Before= 11/18/06
After= 7/6/09

Hair Intro

Hey everyone! I'm just a girl who is trying to grow her hair to Midback or maybe even Waist length hair. I strive to make that happen. I started my hair journey in late 2006 at jawline length, and now i am APL [arm pit length]. . I love ALL things hair. I think im seriously hair OBSESSED! Follow me on my journey to healthy, thick midback length hair! I also have a page on Fotki, Hairlista, and a Youtube channel =)