Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you SEDU? Guess what i got in the mail!

OMG ladies...I've been looking high and low for a great flat iron for a while now. Now, before you start thinking negatively, please note that i am NOT a heat junkie AT ALL! Seriously, this year I've only flat ironed my hair 3 times! Once in April, then again in July, then again in August. But I have a Maxiglide and its too big and bulky. My arms are kind of scrawny and they get really tired, especially when i do the back. From 1-5, i rate the Maxiglide a 3.5 :(

Why do i want a flat iron so bad?
Well since i stretch my relaxers, I like to keep my roots nice and straight to add longevity to my stretches. I would only be using my flat iron once or twice a month anyways, and that is not bad at all. And i would only be flat ironing the roots ONLY, not the whole hair. I want a nice 1 inch flat iron that can get close to my roots and is light weight. Also, if i ever decide to go natural, this is a great tool to have to camouflage my hair when I'm out of braids.

Anyways, for a few months now, I've been on the hunt for a great flat iron that is well worth the money. As you can see from my former blog post, I really fell in love with the Babybliss Nano Titanium iron. But after reading a few reviews on, some users said that the iron burned their ends, and leaves them with dead ends. I care SO much about healthy ends, and i really do not want to jeopardize my hard work with just one swipe of that flat iron. So i changed my mind. I've been eyeing the Sedu for a while now and since i was already on, i decided to read all the reviews. There are approximately 4353 reviews on this iron alone! Its rated the #1 Customer Satisfaction iron and its the top selling iron on the market! I saw all the before and afters, and they were amazing. I even saw black women with similar hair types as mine, and after using it properly, some of them who were natural looked like they just stepped out of the salon with a relaxer! I was immediately sold to the product. I placed my order yesterday morning before heading out to work. It's a little pricey, but i saved 50%! Originally it was $220 bucks but I paid $108 with free shipping and a free heating pouch! After work, i came back home and checked my email, and already sent me a notice letting me know that my item has shipped! On the same day! Oh..that's not the best part..listen to this...After i woke up this morning, i went to check my email again to track my package and it said my package is already at my local UPS and is out and ready to be delivered! Omg i cant believe i ordered the iron YESTERDAY morning before work and it arrived to me TODAY, this afternoon to be exact! I think its because the Folica company is in New Jersey and I'm in New York [tri-state area]. I'm so happy! 5 star customer service! Its nice and lightweight. I also tried a test sample on my bangs, and it got real close to my scalp and didn't even burn. I will post another blog when i use it on my hair!