Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cheap is cute! Marc Jacobs vs knock off.

Ever since last year, I've been looking at the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. There's something about that bag that always captures me. The gold chain, the quilted pattern, the size of the bag, everything! It's beautiful! But for $1,350 that's way too much for a bag especially being a college student lol. Maybe when I finally get my Nursing degree I'll reward myself, but as for now....uh no. Last Christmas, I worked hard and bought my first Louis Vuitton speedy bag. It was a lot less than the Marc Jacobs though. Aside from being in college, I also work part time. I'm sure if i saved up for it, I would have it, but I cant see myself spending that much on a purse right now when I should be saving money for more important things. Anyways, tonight, a little before I uploaded a new video to Youtube, I decided to check my subscriptions to see if there were any new videos from anybody I was subscribed to. Dulcecandy87 had a new "What's in my bag" video, and as funny as it sounds, I love those types of videos for some strange reason. So i clicked on it. Now, this girl shops a lot! Of course, I was expecting her to have a designer bag. And soon enough, she lifted up her bag to show everybody how it looked, and at first glance I thought it was the Marc Jacobs Stam bag! I had to keep rewinding the video to make sure. Then I looked over to the side bar, and she wrote that she ordered the purse for only $54 bucks on Handbagheaven.com! Seriously, I'm usually very good at telling whether a bag is real or fake, and her bag looked authentic! I think I'm gonna order it! Thanks Dulce! I know the economy is bad, so this bag is a great buy if you love the MJ Stam bag like I do and you're on a budget.

Authentic Marc Jacobs Stam bag: $1,350.00

Cute knock off: $54.95


nayaJ said...

The knock off is so cute! Ima cheapo so ill take this one lol

LadyTaurus said...

Isn't it? Im not really a cheapo but i think this bag is really cute! Even if i didnt know about MJ Stam bag, i would love to buy the affordable version.

Dollface said...

Geez, That knock off looks better than the more expensive version!

LadyTaurus said...

@dollface I think so too! lol