Thursday, September 9, 2010

My 1st Virgin Indian Sew-In!

I am currently 6 weeks post relaxer. On Sunday September 5th, I got a sew-in done by my stylist [my lovely cousin!]. It came out so beautifully! Everybody thought that it was my real hair because the hair left out on top blends so well with the weave. I was inspired by Kim Kardashian's signature loose curl hairstyle, so that's what my cousin gave me. When it was done, it looked just like Kim's hair but more natural so it wouldn't seem like i was actually wearing a weave. I didn't have time to take pics of my hair right after the process because I had to hurry and go to work. But I did take pics once I got home from work. By that time, the curls dropped slightly, but it was still beautiful. The hair that I used was 100% Indian hair. Originally, it would have cost me $359 for only 2 packs. But I paid $170 for 2 packs because my cousin is a hairstylist and was able to get a discount for me. This hair is great because it can be colored, washed, blow dried, flat ironed, and everything...just like your real hair! It can even be used over and over for up to a year. I think investing in this weave is money well spent.

I am planning on leaving this install in for 2 months. I plan on removing it on November 5th or maybe a week later. I don't plan on relaxing anytime soon. Right now, my mind is set on relaxing in January or February 2011. After the weave comes out, I plan on getting my hair washed, blown out, trimmed, and flat ironed. Then I'll wait a few weeks to get another weave. This weave will surely help me stretch for 6-7 months, which is what I am in the process of doing right now. It seems like that's the only way I can get to BSL since it's taking sooo long!

I was inspired by this photo of Kim.

This pic is after I came home from work. The curls dropped, but I will update you all on my hair after I curl it for school soon. Hours before this pic, It looked just like Kim's.

See how my real hair blends so well? You cant even tell the difference!

If you're interested in the hair, you can order your own from!


loica12 said...

really nice! I din<t know it was so expensive!!! I was already making a big deal for 60$ a pack!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Such a great post !!!...Your such a great blogger. im soo following you. i hope you can follow me back :)

Diana said...

I clicked on the link and I wasn't taken to a website about please...I really like that hair