Thursday, October 21, 2010

Currently wanting...

I am currently loving and wanting these items!

Aldo Mignogna wedges: Originally $90 but is currently $45!
(SO cute & perfect for the Fall)

Nina Yaneli peep toe wedges: $109.95 (Sexy!)

Pink Duchess Baylee 5 buckle boot wedges: $27.90
(Cute and Cheap)

Can you tell I love wedges? lol

F21 Audrey Hepburn Graphic Top: $15.80
(She's a great classy icon)

F21 Striped Sweater: $24.80
(Will go great with one of my Taupe colored shoes & worn off the shoulder)

F21 Glimmer Laptop Case: $13.80
(My Macbook Pro needs a home!)