Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Edgy Spring Nails!

Yesterday, I visited a nail salon I've never been to for the first time in my area. I feel so tired of Winter so I wanted to try a bright look that would cheer me up and make me welcome Spring! In my head, I thought of a nice look to try and came out the same way I envisioned it! I bought along my China Glaze Japanese Koi nail polish, which is the neon bright orange polish I used to make the look POP! I will definitely be returning to that salon!

(With flash)

(With no flash)

They were also shooting a commercial in the salon while I was there, and asked me to be in it lol! I'm shy, and I thought I wasn't ready. I had on some make-up, but my hair was a little wild, and my eyebrows weren't done, so I declined. But they did get some shots of my nails for their commercial!