Sunday, November 20, 2011

Julie's Birthday!

Hey guys!

I'm about a week late, but I wanted to share my cousins birthday with you all from last weekend. She's also my stylist (just in case anyone forgot!).

We went out last week to a restaurant called Benihana to celebrate Julie's birthday. It's basically one of those Japanese type of restaurants where they cook the food right in front of you. It was pretty cool. That was my first time at a restaurant like that lol. Afterwards we pretty much hung out at our table at the restaurant and talked until it was closing time. Of course we took a lot of pics too!

Me and Julie (Yes that's her real hair)!

Waiting for the rest of the girls...

The table setting at Benihana was gorgeous!

Ladies night!

Fried shrimp and calamari...yum!

Fried rice that the chef shaped into a heart...aww!

The food was alright..

I had a lot of fun :)


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loica12 said...

We have the same restaurant here in montreal, canada!!! I went 3 times so far and I really like it and the people I bring are always amazed! The food is so healthy and good!