Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Braids...A Closer Look.

Just giving you guys a better look at my braids...These pictures are not perfect but I think they'll do. I took these pictures today which means my braids are 10 days old.

Excuse the background...
My braids are pretty much "Butt length" lol

My straight ends

The size of my braids and the partings...they are medium/large. These are 10 day old braids.
Another view

Length from the front...
(I'm wearing sunglasses because I have a cold and I look very tired)

Side view


LaQT/ Ty said...

Your braids look very nice. I love the straight look at the ends. Very neat braids.

Shika said...

I love them!! I was using braids like this as a PS about a year ago but experienced a lot of thinning in my edges (which is my biggest problem area...) so I had to retire the braids. But they look good on you girl!

LadyTaurus said...

Thx ladies!