Thursday, September 24, 2009

September Relaxer Update..

I relaxed my hair on September 4th but being busy and tired with work and school, I never really had a chance to update my blog. Sorry!! Well, I relaxed my hair on September 4th @ 10 weeks post relaxer. Since starting my hair journey, this by far is the shortest stretch for me. Being without box braids has made me realize how hard it is to deal with my actual hair when it is not braided. The summer heat and using growth aides and what not, has made my new growth crazy! I think i got about 1-1.5 inches in a period of 2 months, which is pretty good! I was planning on relaxing my hair at 12 weeks post, but with school opening up, and other things going on, I decided to relax it at 10 weeks. I was also experiencing a lot of shedding, so I had to shorten my stretch a little bit. Again, I relaxed with Soft-n-Beautiful no-lye relaxer with Triple Hydration Oil. Its a good relaxer, but my hair is very resistant, so i still have a few waves here and there, mostly in my crown and nape areas. I am now 3 weeks post relaxer and i plan on relaxing either at 11 or 12 weeks next time in November. In the photo below, my hair was roller setted after the relaxer, which is why it is bumped at the ends and looks full shoulder length. I am actually APL here.

A few days later, I got a much needed trim. Let me tell hair felt sooo much better. I was APL before the trim, but it bought me back up to full shoulder length..i have like 2 inches or so to reach APL again. Did you know i was APL 2 times already? lol..I no longer care about length anymore, its all about healthy hair. Healthy ends will promote healthy growing hair ;)