Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ugh...I got me some UGGS!

I've seen a lot of women/girls rocking UGGS, and I never wanted to mix in with the crowd so I never got them. I stuck with my cute ankle Minnetonka fringe boots instead. But i sat down and started thinking that, maybe, I need a pair of really comfortable shoes for the colder seasons. The Minnetonka's are comfy, but I cant wear them out in the rain or snow. All of my other shoes consist of sneakers, flats, and other types of boots, that are not really comfortable and warm for winter. All of a sudden, I started to think about Uggs. I never really thought about their appearance, i just thought they were normal, kind of boring, boots. After looking through my Fall/winter wardrobe, I thought a pair of Uggs would be suitable. I got the brown ones because i think they match with pretty much everything. I wont be wearing them too often because after a while, they really do live up to their name and start to look "UGG-ly", and slouchy and just plain disgusting..lol. I bought them from a store in my mall called The Walking Company. And they retailed for $140 dollars, not including tax. I also bought the waterproof spray to keep them looking nice and fresh. I cant stand seeing girls wearing dirty, slouchy UGG boots! Ugh!