Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Relaxer Update!

After 12 weeks of stretching, I finally relaxed on February 20th! The night before I relaxed, I prepped my hair by sectioning it in 6 sections. Then I used Mane n' Tail detangler to detangle my roots in each section. Ladies, please....if you're going to stretch for a long period of time, please detangle your hair the night before the relaxer to prevent hair loss from a frustrated stylist! Trust me, I learned my lesson! After detangling, I applied coconut oil on my previously relaxed hair, then twisted up the section and moved to the next section.

My cousin (a licensed cosmetologist), came to my house to relax my hair for me. She relaxed with Affirm, then neutralized with Mizani Neutralizing and Chelating shampoo. I wanted to try a Jet Black rinse. Since my cuticles were open after the relaxer, she applied the rinse to my hair so that the color can absorb better. This was my first time ever getting a rinse. I love it, but I hate that it leaves stains :( Then, she conditioned my hair, blow dried, trimmed and flat ironed! I was very pleased with the results! I was actually a few strands away from reaching APL, but my cousin gave me a blunt straight across trim, which left me at full shoulder length. She understands my hair journey, and wants me to have thick even hair from the roots to the ends. I'm not mad at her. My hair seems to grow quicker with trims anyway. I loved my hair and got so many compliments! Enjoy the pics!

The Process:
After relaxing, applying the rinse, then treating, she blow dried my hair.

This is my length before the trim she gave me.

This is my after the trim.

My bangs before the trim.

My bangs after the trim.

Flat ironing for the finished looked. Those black stains you see on my neck/ears/scalp are from the rinse.

Finished results (the back).

Finished results (the front).