Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally got my Macbook Pro!

Yayy I finally got my Macbook Pro! I was originally supposed to get it for Christmas, but ended up getting it in February instead. I had to save up A LOT and my mom also helped out a bit, thanks mom! Finally I can start making nice creative videos for my lovely subscribers on Youtube! Once I get the hang of my Mac, I'll get started. It's a big step up from a PC, and I'm a college nursing student with a lot of studying on my hands. Hopefully in between all the studying, schooling, and working, I'll find some free time to sit down to teach myself how to use this beauty! I decided to go with the 13.3" because its the PERFECT size for me. I already have a desktop, so i really don't see the need to have a huge laptop. The 13.3" is perfect to travel to school, and just about anywhere in my house. I could be on my bed, living room, where ever lol. Hair videos coming up very soon!