Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What vitamins do I take??

Garlic = 75 mg [1 every other day]
Biotin = 5000 mcg [1 every night]
Iron= 28 mg [2 every day]

In order to have nice healthy growing hair, one of the many things you should do is add vitamins to your daily regimen. You don't necessarily have to take vitamins if you don't want to. If you're not taking any vitamins, then I hope you're eating a well balanced meal!

I feel that vitamins give you that extra boost that you need to get the hair growing a little faster than usual. Sometimes, our bodies may lack vitamins and minerals that we need to maintain growing hair and other bodily functions. We need to take vitamins to be sure that we're supplying our bodies with things that we're lacking.

I dont take that much vitamins. I only take 3.

My first vitamin, and by far the most important one in my regimen is IRON. I'm very anemic which means my body is not supplying itself with all the iron that it needs. So I need to take iron every day to try to bring those iron levels up. Being iron deficient comes with a consequence for hair. With out much iron, the hair tends to shed a little more than usual. This is one of the few reasons I take iron. I take 2 pills everyday.

My second vitamin is GARLIC. I recently started to take garlic probably a month ago. I take it because it helps control shedding. I am seeing results already! I am almost 3 weeks post relaxer and have only shed a few strands since then. I take 1 garlic pill every other day. When I see my shedding being controlled, I will stop taking them. But if the shedding comes back, I will be retaking them again. As of now, I am still taking them.

My third vitamin is BIOTIN. I am currently on day 3 of taking them so I cant speak yet as far as results go. I am taking the 5000 mcg's. My first day of taking them, I got a huge headace and felt really lazy. The headache followed me to work the next day, and I felt I couldn't function that well, and the time was going by so slow because I wanted to go home. But the headache went away after my break at work. Now, I take biotin every night before bed...never again in the middle of the day. I am also increasing my water intake so that i dont break out. Many people break out when they take biotin. If you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, it should help resolve the problem. I have a goal to be as close to BSL before the year ends. I know I will not make BSL, but I want to be near it! This is why I am taking biotin. I take 1 pill every night.