Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caruso Steam Rollers

I am so interested in investing in the Caruso Steam Rollers system! I've heard of them before, and even watched videos about them..but I was never interested because I already had magnetic rollers and a hooded dryer. I saw it as a waste of money since I already had rollers. But 2 months ago, my hooded dryer decided to stop working..which left me a little lost. I didn't know what else to do with my hair on wash days except air dry and wear it in a bun. But a couple of days ago, a light bulb turned on in my head and I came up with a great idea. I could use steam rollers instead! They're fast, and easy, and they dont require the use of hooded dryers.

Every time i do a roller set, I always wrap my hair after wards, I never wear the curls out...I just don't like that look on me. I just needed a technique to give me the ability to wear my hair down with a little bump at the ends with out using direct heat. Roller setting and doing a saran wrap method was my only option, but unfortunately, my dryer broke! I can now alternate by using steam rollers.

Steam rollers are a lot more healthier than regular roller setting because it actually uses steam instead of heat. Steam adds moisture to the hair and seals the cuticle, whereas heat draws moisture out of the hair causing it to dry out the cuticle. I plan on buying this at Sally's Beauty Supply during the weekend. I will definitely keep you all posted on how my first Caruso roller set goes!