Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Hair Trend: Top Knot Bun

I stopped doing boring librarian buns since last year! I admit they helped out in my journey a lot by preserving my ends. But they were just so boring and unattractive, so I stopped doing them. About a month ago, I needed a cute protective style to put my hair in while I waited to get my summer sew-in. Wigs were out of the question because I really didn't feel like buying a wig at the time. I wanted to wear my real hair. One day I was browsing the Forever21 website and noticed how a lot of the models had their hair up in cute high buns. I started to get a little interested. Then of course, I went on Youtube and researched. I found a lot of videos of girls rocking the "Top Knot" bun. It's such a cute, classy style, and also chic! I decided to give it a try. I washed my hair and air dried. I wanted my hair to have a lot of volume so that my bun will be bigger. Since my hair is thick, I actually had to put it into 2 ponytails and connect them together to form one ponytail. I made sure the ponytail sat directly on the top of my head. I took the hair hanging out of the ponytail and wrapped it around. Then I secured it with bobby pins and voila! I had a cute high bun. Pics below!

Models rocking the Top Knot bun

My Top Knot *No hair added* :)

Give it a try! I got a lot of compliments with this style. It's cute, fun, and a quick fix if you're in a hurry to go somewhere and you want to look nice. If your hair is shorter and/or thin, you can always use some weave that matches the real texture and color of your hair and wrap it around your ponytail and pin it down with bobby pins. Hope you like it!


Mrs_D_Pratt said...

It looks so much cuter and neater on your hair than on the model's! Hopefully this time next year I'll be rocking this style with a cute flower hair bow,and some cute earrings! Love it!

tay♥ said...

wow, your look came out so neat and smooth! my hair is super thick too and difficult to style into high buns, so i think i may try the method you executed. great look!

LaQT said...

Your bun was so cute! You are so good at styling hair. I like this.

LadyTaurus said...

Thanks ladies!