Thursday, August 27, 2009

My favorite Fall hairstyle...bangs!

I really love bangs for the Fall season. I cut them bluntly for the Spring, but the hair on my forehead just made me sweat more. I didn't give myself a chance to wear them often because of the weather issues. Since then, they have grown about 1.5 inches past my eyes. I decided that for the upcoming Fall season, I'm gonna rock side swept bangs. I feel that having bangs for the Fall is very fashionable and also has a way of keeping me warm in a sense lol...Since my blunt bangs grew out, what i will do is sweep them to the side and create side swept bangs. I plan on wearing those beret French hats a lot for the Fall and side swept bangs look great with them. Fall..."hair" i come!

Since the time i flat ironed my hair in July, my hair was basically the same length as Beyonce's weave here. I will wear my hair like this when i relax it soon ;)

If i have to trim my hair, then i believe i will end up at Lauren's length down here. This is also cute =]