Thursday, August 27, 2009

R.I.P Aaliyah...(My hair idol)

She was so beautiful, so young, and so talented. When she was alive, she was my favorite artist and she still is. Back then, I didn't care what i would be doing at the moment, but every time one of her videos came up on TV, i dropped everything and ran to go watch the video. Her beauty was so contagious, my eyes would literally get glued to the screen lol.. I really envied that long thick beautiful black hair that she always kept down her back with that swoop thingy over her left eye lol..She was so pretty and flawless! She's truly the one who motivated me to start my hair journey and she's still pushing me to keep going. My ultimate goal is to reach what she had, which i believe was mid-back to waist length hair. I love you baby girl, and you are truly missed. I cant believe you've been gone for 8 whole years. I know you're in Heaven smiling down at all your fans. You truly were an angel on Earth. ♥ Aaliyah...the highest most exalted one..♥