Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finally got my Outre "Tammy" 1/2 wig!

I placed the order on Saturday [1/23/10] and received it the following Tuesday [1/27/10]. I ordered from My total came up to $17.24 including free shipping! I was so happy! I had already washed my hair the day before I received my package, because I knew it was coming soon and wanted to be ready. Plus, my scalp was really itchy, so i needed to wash it...badly.

This is actually my first "official" 1/2 wig. My other 1/2 wig was a mess! I made it myself. I bought a wig cap and glued tracks on it and wore it as a 1/2 wig lol. The worse part about my "fake" wig was that my Outre wig was only $17 bucks, and all the stuff I bought to make the "fake" wig totaled up to $30 something dollars..smh.

But anyways....I braided my hair into 12 cornrows and left some hair out in the front to camouflage the wig. I also removed the teeth out from the back in fear that it might break my nape area. I left the teeth in the front for a nice secure feeling. I sectioned my hair, and moisturized each section with S-curl, and sealed with Jamaican Castor oil. Then braided it into a cornrow. When i was finally done, my arms felt like they were gonna fall off...literally. Then I braided the hair left out in the front for a wavy look to blend with the wig. The braids in the front actually blended very well the next morning. I also wore a head band.

This is a great winter protective style. My hair is safely hidden under the wig, away from the harsh cold NY weather. I moisturize my braids every other day, and the days that I don't moisturize, I oil my scalp with my MN/Castor oil mixture. I will wear this wig for 2 weeks, and relax the following week. In the picture below, I didn't braid the front of my hair the night before, so it's straight. It doesn't really matter, because I didn't really go anywhere important today. I was just taking pictures for my blog, because I wont have time to take pics other than today.

Quick review on "Tammy": It's light, airy, and the curls hold very well. Seems like it can last a long time with special care. I love it!


LaQT said...

This wig has been on my wishlist. I love how natural it looks and how easy to blend it is. Thanks for posting. I will probably add this one to my arsenal.