Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outre Tammy Half Wig...I want it!

I've been looking at this wig for months now, but at times, I simply forget about it and always forget to purchase it. Not until 30 minutes ago when one of the girls I'm subscribed to on Youtube gave a wonderful review on it.

It's so wild and free and pretty! I can definitely see myself rocking this half wig. I can wear it like how the model is wearing it (in the photo), or i can wear it half up/half down, or even in a nice cute fluffy bun/ponytail.

I remember a while back [2007], I got a curly sew-in weave with bohemian hair by Outre, and it was really cute. This gave me an idea of how the "Tammy" wig would look on me.

Now I want to try the Outre Half wig! Its a nice stylish and cute way to hide my hair during my 12 week relaxer stretches. Once I get it, I will cornrow my hair underneath and just apply the wig over it. I will have to buy a thin headband to camouflage the frontal seams of the wig. I cant wait! I will be hitting up all of my beauty supply stores tomorrow on the hunt for this wig! If I cant find it, I will be ordering it online. I also love the fact that it gives me a chance to have easy access to my scalp so i can oil it with my MN/JBCO [miconazole nitrate/Jamaican Castor oil] mixture for more growth. I will update you all to let you know if i got the wig!


Half-Wig said...

Girl! you are the reason I got interested in half-wigs. I use to stalk your album on LHCF and I decided to give them a try. Your photos were too cute,realistic and natural!

LadyTaurus said...

Thanks..but LHCF? I dont have an account on LHCF :/ Maybe you're talking about Fotki ;)