Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Hair Goals.

For 2010, I want to continue on the path that I'm already on with my hair, and continue to love it, nurture it, and willing to do more research on new techniques to try with it. I want to boost up my diet and drink more water, eat more foods that contain protein, and take my vitamins faithfully. I also want to try new products with out breaking the bank. Here's the regimen that's been doing wonders for my hair in 2009. I will continue to use this regimen until i get to my ultimate goal which is MBL [Midback length]

I'm a very simple person with a very simple regimen:

1. Pre-poo with Lekair Cholesterol mixed with Coconut oil
2. Shampoo with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream lather shampoo.
3. Deep condition for 1 hr under heating cap with Silk Elements Moisturizing Treatment
4. Rinse condition out
5. Spray Infusium 23 leave-in and follow up with Herbal Essences LTR leave in
6. Apply S-curl moisturizer to hair
7. Air dry
8. Once my hair 100% dry, section hair off and moisturize and seal each section with S-curl and Jamaican black castor oil.
9. Oil my scalp with my Jamaican Black Castor oil and MN mixture (6 weeks post and up)
10. Bun my hair for the week until wash day comes again
11. Once i reach 7 weeks post, after my hair air dries, I will braid my hair into cornrows, and put my half wig over it until I relax at 12 weeks post. I will wear the wig for 4-5 weeks.

**I relax every 12 weeks**

Here is what I am starting out with for 2010:

Dry Relaxed Hair [11.27.09] 0 weeks post.
By the end of 2010, I am hoping to reach BSL which would be the middle black zipper part of my dress. I do not have a set date to reach it, but i just want it to be in 2010!

Wet Relaxed hair [1.5.09] 5 weeks post.
I started using growth aids the day AFTER this pic was taken.

2010 Relaxer Schedule:
February 19, 2010 [12 weeks post]
May 14, 2010 [12 weeks post]
August 6, 2010 [12 weeks post]
October 29, 2010 [12 weeks post]