Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Updates

I've been away from my blog for a month now. It's not that I was busy or anything like that. I haven't been blogging for a while because I needed a break from sitting in front of the computer all the time! If I'm not at work, then I'm home surfing the web or sleeping. I took Spring semester off from school because I'm going to a new school possibly in the Fall and I'm pretty much finished with all my prerequisite classes. So I have more free time to be online. I don't go out that much and stay indoors about 85% of the time. One of my resolutions for the year was to lose weight. It's not healthy to sit down in front of the computer for a number of hours, which was exactly what I was doing. I was inactive and started packing on a few pounds. So I decided to take a break. The break allowed me to catch up on some TV shows too! My new favorite shows are now The Office, Park & Recreation, New Adventures of Old Christine, Gossip Girls, and even the news LOL. I haven't started working out yet because I still need to find time to go sign up for the gym. But yesterday, I bought a digital weight scale! I'm moving in the right direction...lol. Now all I need is some workout clothes and sneakers and my gym membership, and I'll be good to go.

Anyways, lets talk about hair. I relaxed after 8 weeks post on January 14th. The relaxer went pretty well. I didn't shed that much. If I go past 8 weeks, I usually start shedding like crazy. But since I relaxed at 8 weeks post, I didn't have that problem. My cousin relaxed my hair and with my orders, she didn't trim. My ends held up pretty well too. I was able to retain an inch of growth! I took pictures but I will be doing a big reveal of my hair progress this coming May, my birthday month. Other than my relaxer, I've been protecting my hair under my half wig every single day. I'm getting so bored and tired with this wig. I so desperately need a change, so Im thinking about getting another sew-in when I'm 8 weeks post. Which means that I'll have to stretch my relaxer to 16 weeks since I will be leaving the weave in for 2 months. I will be 8 weeks post on March 11th, so this will be the day when I'll get my sew-in! Just in time for Spring. I think I'm gonna go for the same Kim Kardashian inspired sew-in I had last time...or maybe a Teyana Taylor inspired weave with loose curls. Curly weaves are always cute and suitable for warmer weather since you can wash and go with them. Decisions, decisions...Stay tuned!