Monday, February 14, 2011

Do You Have An Alter Ego?

In the past couple of months, I quickly discovered that I have an alter ego! This all happened a few months ago back when I got my Kim Kardashian inspired sew-in. First off, I'm the type of girl who's kind of shy, really quiet, and never likes to be the center of attention. My fashion sense was very casual and low-key. I would never dare to ever wear heels anywhere except for church! I never wore bold jewelry or any eyeshadow or large earrings or anything to show my girly side. I just sort of kept to myself until.....I got that sew-in! I promise..everything changed right before my eyes! All of a sudden, I started looking at bold and daring shoes to wear out to anywhere! Even to the supermarket! I even bought some cute heeled boots and wore them to school...mind you...I never in my life wore heels to school before on a typical day. I started becoming more interested in make-up. I started going shopping more often for more fashionable clothes. I actually kept up with the fashion trends for the Fall/Winter 2010-2011 season. My wardrobe is suddenly growing to be more exciting now. I've bought so much shoes, I don't know where to put them at times. Guys even started to take more notice of me too. They've approached me a few times...even White guys [which is pretty rare for me]. After removing the weave, I feel like I gained some sort of confidence that stuck with me! Both men and women have given me compliments in the past couple of months with/without the doesn't matter. I feel that the weave was the push that I needed to finally break out of my closed shell. I even started smiling more often..I was never a big smiler in the past because I always felt so uncomfortable with everything. I'm able to look at people in their eyes now. In the past, when I spoke to somebody, I would look anywhere but into their eyes. I feel like I can walk with my head high now, with or with out the weave. But I'm so glad that the weave I got was able to make me find a self that I never knew I had. I'm going to be reinstalling the weave again in a few weeks just in time for Spring! I don't know what to name my alter ego LOL. But she truly comes out when I have my hair freshly relaxed and styled in blunt bangs with my hair hanging down, and of course she comes out when I have a wonderful weave. But she hides when my hair is in a bun or ponytail [I try to avoid those 100%]. Im not saying I dont have confidence with my hair in a bun..but I'm just a lot more less outgoing :/

Check out the photo's below for celebrity alter egos.

When she's with family & friends, she's Beyonce, Southern belle from Texas. But when she performs, she transforms to Sasha Fierce!

Normal Trina transfoms to the Baddest Bitch

Kelly Rowland goes from grungy to glamorous!