Thursday, February 3, 2011

Small Haul: Earrings & Lip Products

I went to the mall today and picked up a few things. Recently, I fell in love with feather earrings! I think they're so cute and different from what I normally wear. So I decided to pick up a pair today. That's really all I wanted, but of course I picked up a few unexpected things lol. Just wanted to share what I got.

I got these thread wrapped earrings from Charlotte Russe

I got the second pair from Charlotte Russe. Both pairs were 2 for $8
I got these lovely feather earrings from Wetseal. They were $6.50
Then I went to the MAC counter and picked up the "PRR Lipglass".
Afterwards, I went to Target and picked up Maybellines ColorSensations Totally Toffe in #215 to go with the Mac lipglass. These two were made for each other!

Do you see how well they go together? I love love love it! Will review it soon on my lips!
The color on the left is MAC's PRR Lipglass, and the color on the right is Maybelline's ColorSensational in Totally Toffe.