Monday, May 17, 2010

Relaxer Update (Not Happy).

I relaxed my hair today at 12 weeks post, and I am not happy. I lost SO MUCH hair during this particular stretch, I don't even know where to begin. The first 6 weeks of my stretch were fine. Then at 8 weeks post, I braided my hair into cornrows and put my half wig over it until I reached 11 weeks post. During weeks 8 through 11, I had so much stressful studying to do for school, I neglected my vitamins, and also my diet really sucks (eating McDonalds and Burger King messed me up big time!) So I guess my hair responded by shedding. I also think that I'm in my shedding phase too, which added on to the problem.

After I took out my braids from under my wig, I had so much knots and tangles. The night before my relaxer, I detangled my hair in sections in preparation for my relaxer the next day. When that process was over, I had a huge hair ball in the sink which was 3X bigger than a quarter!

Even when my cousin was relaxing my hair, there was hair shed occurring. After my cousin was all done with my hair, my hair seemed so thinned out! My February relaxer, my hair was nice and thick and now its the opposite. My stylist a.k.a cousin said it's because since my hair is getting longer, I have to cut down on my stretches, and I was also thinking the same thing. I thought 12 weeks was perfect for stretching. But my hair seems like it hates it. Always listen to your hair. I'm gonna stretch for 8 weeks now, I think this will be better for my hair's health. I mean it's still thick, but not as thick as it was before. So I'm not going to show pictures of my hair until it's improved. I will be doing a Summer Boot Camp Challenge to get it back in shape, which you can read by clicking here. Thanks for reading.

This is all the hair that I lost from detangling on Sunday night. I lost the same amount a few weeks ago when I was braiding my hair for my under my wig.