Monday, May 31, 2010

My Memorial Day with Wyclef Jean!

This morning, I woke up at 12 noon thinking that my Memorial Day was gonna be yet another boring day spent indoors. I didn't even bother to wake up until 12 noon. I woke up sweating because it was 85 degrees outside. Mondays are my wash days, so I was looking forward to wash my hair today, since the rest of the day was gonna be boring anyways. I washed, did a light protein, and deep conditioned.

While I was deep conditioning, my cellphone rang, and it was my friend calling me. She told me that her ex-boyfriend was going to Wyclef Jeans house for a private BBQ he was throwing at his mansion and invited her, and she wanted me to come along. Her ex-boyfriend is Wyclef's barber, so he's always at Wyclef's house. I never really met a celebrity before, and I wasn't doing anything for Memorial day, so I thought, why not? She told me to be ready by 5. By 4:30, i rinsed out the conditioner in my hair, and applied my leave-in's and moisturizers. But I didn't want to go to a party with sopping wet hair, so unfortunately, I had to break my no heat challenge just this one time to lightly blow dry my hair with lukewarm air. I blow dried 85% and let the rest air dry. I wore my hair down on my shoulders, with a little poof in the front. Then I got dressed and went to my friends house so we can go over to Wyclef's house.

We both met her ex-boyfriend somewhere, and then we followed him in her car to Wyclef's house. This was my friends first time at his house too. When we got there, we were greeted by a big royal blue Bentley at the front gates. Then a longgg walk way that led to the backyard. When we finally reached the yard, there was a good amount of people there. It was a BBQ/Pool party. Wyclef was standing right there when we walked in, and I thought to myself..."Wow, I never met a celebrity before!! Omg!"..Then he walked up to me and greeted me and shook my hand. He showed me and my friend a table where we could sit and eat and drink. I had fun! He spoke to us like a normal person, far from a stuck up celebrity. Even though his house was like 5 houses combined into 1 mansion, he wasn't stuck up or anything. He's cool and has a great personality. His daughter and his wife are beautiful too. After we ate, Wyclef invited us inside his house upstairs to the Home Movie Theater to watch a movie. After the movie, we went back to the backyard, and ate some more food, which by the way was delicious! We got acquainted with his brother and friends, and just had fun talking and joking. I really enjoyed myself. It's funny. I woke up this morning thinking I wouldn't leave my house, and ended up at a Celebrity's house for a BBQ, how crazy is that? Anyways, I hope you all had fun on Memorial day!

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Because of Wyclef, I had to break my water fast and eat something lol. He kept begging us to eat haha..I'm glad I did because the food was so GOOD! But I'm restarting my fast tomorrow. This was unexpected people! lol