Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekly Report: 1 week post (May 17 - May 24)

DISCLAIMER: I am going to start writing weekly reports on what goes on with my hair from the time it's freshly relaxed till it's time for me to relax again. This period, I relaxed on May 17th and will be relaxing again in July 12th. From now on till July, I will post a weekly report on what happens with my hair for the week for my records and also to keep you all updated.

I am officially 1 week post relaxer. I relaxed last Monday on May 17th. My cousin relaxed my hair with Affirm Fiberguard. She didn't relax completely bone straight, so there's still some texture in my roots, which i love. She also put in a black rinse, dusted my ends, trimmed my bangs, and flat ironed. I wore my hair down for 5 days because I wanted to look nice on my birthday, and also enjoy wearing my hair down since after I wash it out, my hair will be bunned up until I relax again in July (I'm on a heat free/protective style challenge).

On Sunday night, I did a Aphogee 2 step protein treatment to restore all the protein lost during the relaxer process. I washed my hair with Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream lather shampoo. Then parted my hair into 6 sections, and saturated each section with the Aphogee 2 step treatment. My hooded dryer stopped working, so I had to use a hand dryer to harden the treatment onto my hair. After the treatment, I rinsed it out, then deep conditioned over night with Silk Elements Megasilk moisturizing treatment. I rinsed that out the next morning, and sprayed Infusium 23 leave in, Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship leave-in, and S-curl to my hair. Then I let it air dry for the day. I'm gonna moisturize and seal twice a day with S-curl and Castor oil. I will also be wearing my hair up in a bun for the whole week with little to no combing. So far, I took my iron and multi-vitamins faithfully everyday..i only missed today :/ Very little to no shedding this week.

I'm sort of not happy with the way my hair looks right now after all the shedding I got before my relaxer. I am trying to get it to grow a certain length and attain a certain thickness before I can start showing off my hair again. This is why I am on a heat free/protective style challenge till my next relaxer. So I will refrain from taking length pics until I'm satisfied, hopefully by my next relaxer in July.