Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Announcement!

Hey everyone! I have a big announcement!

Me and my stylist a.k.a cousin, has both teamed up to start up our own Youtube channel! I've been getting a lot of comments about who does my hair and all, and my cousin just recently did her big chop to natural hair. So we thought, we would form a channel together just for the love of hair! Our channel mainly focuses on our love of both relaxed and natural hair. We will have numerous hair tutorials, including a much anticipated real life relaxer tutorial on my own hair done by cousin! We will also do fashion videos and hauls, discussions, and also cooking videos! Last but not least, if we get enough subscribers, we will be doing fabulous contests and giveaways! Including a free FABULOUS weave by my lovely cousin. BUT we need a certain number of subscribers for that.

I was always nervous to do videos by myself, which explains why my face is always hidden in my own personal Youtube channel. I will still keep my own personal channel and update it regularly of course. Im not getting rid of it. With our new channel, my subbies will have a chance to get acquainted with me because you will be seeing more of my face instead of the back of my head lol. I'm not shy anymore since it will be me and my cousin together. We already have 1 video up.

Our new channel is: Subscribe so you can see how we have fun with our hair as we manage to grow it out!

My cousin doing my hair. Those stains on my neck/scalp are from the Black rinse hair color.