Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forever 21/Charlotte Russ/H&M: Small Haul.

I promised myself that I wouldn't go shopping this month...but I had a Doctors appointment last Thursday and the mall was right around the corner. I had nothing to do, so I intended to go window shopping. I ended up spending $50 bucks lol..I need to control myself! But anyways, I just wanted to share with you all what I bought!

I stopped by Forever21 first and didn't see anything really interesting. I bought 2 bras that came together for $8.80 (no pics). I also got 3 pairs of socks for 0.95 cents each! What a deal!

I also bought a really cute diamond encrusted flower ring for $5.50.

Then I went over to Charlotte Russe and bought this cute bow necklace! It was $6.50

Lastly, I went over to H&M and bought these cute lace-up wedges for $34.95. I plan on wearing them with tights or harem pants, and a loose top.

In total, I spent a little over $50 bucks. No more shopping until Black Friday. That's it for my itty bitty haul!

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Those are some bad shoes. Like very much;-)