Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Shoes!

Remember my last post? The one titled Currently Wanting? Well I got one of the things I wanted! I fell in love with the Aldo wedges when I saw Dulcecandy87 and AllThingsFabulous101 model them in their outfit of the day posts on their blogs. Luckily, I still saw them on the Aldo website, but they retailed for $90 bucks. Aldo shoes run really small, so I didn't want to risk the chance and order them because I wasn't sure if they would fit me. I forgot about them...until one day at school. While I was in school, I was waiting for my brother to finish his class so we can go home together. I decided to kill time by going to the computer lab to wait for him. I went to the Aldo website and did some window shopping. I happen to come across the wedges that I wanted, and to my surprise, they were marked down half price! That's right! They went from $90 to $45 bucks! Which was a steal for me! So I called my local Aldo store to ask them if they had the shoes in stock. They told me they didn't have the color I wanted in stock, but they carried the black one. I wanted to try them on before ordering, so I told the sales associate to hold them for me. I went to the store and tried on my normal size, and let me tell you.....only half my foot could fit into the shoe! What is it with Aldo shoes running so small? So I asked for a bigger size. I tried them on, and they fit like a glove! So I ordered the Camel colored wedged shoes last Friday and got them about 10 days later. I ordered from the store, so I got free shipping. I love them! Definitely a staple for Fall, Spring and Summer! Since Aldo shoes run so small, I never bought a pair of shoes from them ever. This is my first pair of Aldo shoes and I love them!