Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 2010 Relaxer Updates.

Hey everyone!

I relaxed my hair last Friday (11/19/10) at 17 weeks post relaxer! I got about 2.5 inches of growth, but guess what?? My stylist TRIMMED it! So now, I'm back to the same ol' length I was last November 2009. Basically, I get a relaxer every 12 weeks and my cousin trims off an inch or so every time I relax. A inch is what I usually grow in 12 weeks, so basically it's like starting back at square 1. I've learned that this is the WRONG thing to do if your aim is to grow your hair out. You will never get length if you trim EVERY single time you relax.

It wasn't until the other day, I was comparing photos of my progress for the year, or lack thereof, of my length. I can't believe my hair is the same length after a year! Its not that I have a bad regimen or bad products, because my regimen is working out wonderfully for my hair. My hair is thick, full, and bouncy, its just the length retention. I wear my hair in protective styles 90% of the time, but it seems like every time my relaxer date rolls around, my stylist just trims off what I grew. I love my stylist and everything, but it seems like I'm wasting money on having the same length for a whole friggin year. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this hair journey and barely APL is what I have to show for it after being on this journey for 4 years? That's crazy. You guys I really don't know what to do. Seriously I should have been MBL by now. I'm gonna start putting my foot down and telling my cousin to stop cutting my hair so much. I think I'm gonna get a trim twice a year for 2011, because I want to see length already. My hair is pretty healthy, its just the length that I'm tired of. I am truly disappointed and I actually wasn't gonna share my relaxer results with you all. I was thinking of going on hiatus and coming back when I reach BSL! But for some reason, I cant seem to stay away from updating you all on my progress.

My cousin said the reason why she trims with every relaxer is because I stretch too long. The longer my hair gets, the less stretching I have to do. I do get a lot of shedding, but my hair still comes out thick after I relax. She said when I shed so much, it kills my ends, so that's why she trims the ends every time. So she and I have come to an agreement to relax my hair every 8 weeks so that she wont have to trim so much, and so that I can retain some length. And I stand firm when I say I'm only trimming twice a year, every 6 months. Lets get this hair journey started over!

November 2009 relaxer

February 2010 relaxer

November 2010 relaxer...
I'm SO disappointed!


Anonymous said...

I agree. I was just looking back over your blog posts and you have been APL over a year and that makes no sense. Especially if thinning was the problems initially surely after all this time and trims she shouldn't have to continue to trim your hair so much...following her earlier reasons as to why she does so much. You wear protective styles, you don't put much heat it in so what's the problem? Your ends should not be that bad that she has to cut them EVERY single time.

Put your foot down and see what the results look like after timming only twice a year. You are a paying client and you should be able to say this is what I want and this is not what I want. You've followed her advice all this time and you still are rocking try something different...if at the end of the year (2011) you are still APL what do you lose...nothing.

LadyTaurus said...

Thanks for your comment! I totally agree with everything you said. My cousin is a pretty expensive stylist, and I spent a whole lot of money on going to her to do my hair. I thought going to her was gonna improve my hair, which it did. But my main concern is length retention. I feel like I wore those boring library buns throughout the year for no reason. And i hate bunning! The main reason for it was to retain my length. But as stated in my post, every time my relaxer date rolls around, what i grew is what gets trimmed off. I'm very disappointed, but I guess I cant take it that far because after all it is JUST hair. Hair grows. I will get my hair where I want it to be in 2011. I am trying to stay as far away from scissors as possible for now. I feel like I let a lot of my followers down in a way because you guys were expecting to see me reach BSL for Christmas. But this is still a hair journey and my hair is till growing. If I let anybody down, I'm truly sorry! lol. NO MORE TRIMMING!

Alecia said...

Looking at your pictures, I must say, the before and after shows tremendous progress. I hope you achieve all your hair care goals. HHJ.

LadyTaurus said...

Thanks! I will NOT disappoint in 2011.