Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Milk of Magnesia...The Cure To Oily Skin!

My Oily Skin History:
Since puberty around age 11 till now (22), I've always suffered with oily skin. My skin is not a normal oily. Sometimes, people tend to ask me if I'm sweating..can you imagine how oily that can be? I never thought twice about wearing make-up because I knew that the oils would seep right through the products making me look like a oil painting...ugh!

My Make-Up History:
I actually started wearing make-up last year around my 22nd birthday. And when I say I wore make-up, I mean only eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara for going out with my friends or special occasions. My eyelids get oily too but the primer I use controls it. Overtime, a oily face with eyeshadow just wasn't quite working out for me. Thank goodness I have nice skin (I've been told by MUA's at Sephora and Bobbi Brown), with no problem areas or blemishes, so make-up isn't always needed daily.

My Frustration:
I started getting tired of how much a oily mess I would look at the end of the day. My skin actually looks darker when it's oily. But when I wash my face, I return back to my normal color. When I'm at work, I have to visit the bathroom and blot my face every 2 hours. Sometimes when I'm done blotting my face with a brown paper towel, it would resemble a brown paper bag that contained a greasy cheeseburger...ugh. The only thing I like about oily skin is that it slows down the aging process, that's about it.

My Discovery and Purchase:
It wasn't until March, a few months ago, I finally put my foot down to find a solution for people like me to wear make-up like everybody else. I did my research and found that Milk of Magnesia was highly acclaimed to control oil. At first, I didn't know what Milk of Magnesia was. But I quickly learned it is used as a laxative...interesting. I bought a generic bottle of the M.O.M at my job for $1.69. Its the Shoprite brand, which claims to be comparable to the Phillips brand. The Phillips brand cost $5...what if it didn't work? I would feel better spending $2 on something for it to not work than spend $5. Yea, I know...I'm cheap lol.

The Application:
Start out with a clean washed face. I shook up the bottle and poured a couple drops in the bottle cap. I took a cotton round and dipped it in the laxative. I applied a thin layer on my whole face. If you apply too much, it WILL make your make-up look cakey. For a natural look, apply a thin layer. After the application you will look a little pale, that's normal. After that process is over, just apply you're make-up as normal. For the first time in my life, I wore liquid foundation with no problem! I set the foundation with a pressed powder, and finished off by applying eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and filling in my eyebrows.

The Verdict:
I will tell the truth, and the WHOLE truth..After about 8 or 9 hours of wearing this stuff, my make-up still looked like I just applied it! No oils seeped through at all! This product leaves me matte! I find that my nose gets really oily, so I need to apply a little more M.O.M to it. I also found myself powdering my nose because it was getting shiny from time to time. But shine is better than oil! This product is amazing! I cant believe a laxative can control my oil with ease the way it does..oh-em-gee! The only problem I have with it is that it's hard to wash off and leaves a gummy residue to my face. But no worries, by the morning time after I wash my face again, there's no residue left. I give this product 4.9 stars! I deducted a point for the gummy residue. Amazing product and great price! Any readers out there with oily skin, please give this a try. You don't know what you're missing!


Anonymous said...

I too have very oily skin so I will givr the m.o.m. a try.

LadyTaurus said...

Good luck! You wont be disappointed.