Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Lace Front Wig: Freetress Equal Amerie

I am currently 4 months post relaxer and I still have my sew-in installed. I will be taking down my sew-in in a few days and letting my hair breathe for a month before getting my summer sew-in. I decided to hide my hair with a wig because my new growth is so coarse, and I don't want to look "un-kept" lol. Seriously I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my hair with all the new growth I have. Buns are out of the question and so are roller sets. I want my hair to be completely hidden away. I've been watching some videos about wigs on Youtube and finally fell upon some reviews for a wig by Freetress Equal called Amerie. It seems like a popular wig, based on the amount of reviews I've found about it. I wanted something long, and straight, that also gives me a chance to curl it when I feel like rocking some curls. Amerie seems like it fits the bill. I ordered her on Sunday night (May 8, 2011), and received her today (May 10, 2011). The shipping was so fast! I ordered her from Beautyofnewyork.com. I guess since I live in NY that's the reason behind why it shipped out so quickly. But I will come back with another post about what I think about the Amerie wig. Stay tuned.

This is how she looks on the model...pretty right?

I made sure to pick out a no glue or tape lace front.
Curling iron safe of up to 400 degrees.
I got it in my natural hair color to match!
The shipping was crazy. I dont know why it was so high, especially since the company who delievered it (Beautyofnewyork.com) is located in my state. But they were the only company with the color 1B, so I had no choice... *sigh*