Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Month Hair Growth Update!

Its been 6 months since I last had a trim. For those of you who follow me on Youtube, you probably already know that I was becoming frustrated with my hair being the same length for a whole year!! My hair was growing, but it wasn't retaining length because every time I would get a relaxer, my stylist would chop off my growth! Argh!! I never realized it until my November 2010 relaxer results, when I compared photos from all the times I relaxed that year. My hair was the same exact length all year round! I spent a lot of money from buying hair products, paying my stylist $70-$80 every 3-4 months to relax my hair, getting an expensive $150 sew-in (I'm a college student)....and for what? My hair remained the same length despite all the money I spent last year. So I decided to put my foot down and put a stop to this...madness! I got my last trim in November, and from then on I made the decision to not trim again until May 2011...6 months later. Here is a slide show video about me being the same length for 1 year...click here. I made a pact with my stylist to not trim my hair for 6 months, and she agreed...especially after viewing my video. She realized in fact she was trimming too much.

After November, I mainly wore my hair in cornrows and wore my wig over it as a protective style. I relaxed again 2 months later in January 2011. As promised, I did not get a trim in January and continued taking care of my hair as always. In March, I got a weave installed to give my hair a break. I took out the weave in May, and the following week I relaxed. I lost a lot of hair due to my new growth tangling up with my relaxed hair. I even had to cut a few of the knots out! I almost cried, but it wasn't that bad...just a small piece. My stylist relaxed my 4 month post relaxer hair and trimmed off only about 1/2 an inch to almost an inch of hair. Here is my 6 month "No Trim" progress video! I started out at #5 on my measurement shirt, and reached #8 in May! That's 3 inches! But now I'm between #7 and #8 because I got 1/2 an inch trimmed off.

Progress pic...
November 2010 relaxer (#5 on shirt)-May 2011 relaxer (between #7, #8 on shirt)


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Cool tips!

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loving the hair xoxo