Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Report: 2 weeks post (May 24-May 31)

I am now 2 weeks post. This week wasn't so bad. I purchased a few new things and tried them out on my hair this week.

For the first time, I tried the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor, and I must say...I'm impressed. So impressed that I might break up with Lekair Cholesterol. I bought the sample packet of the 2 minute to see if my hair would like it, and my hair loves it! I rarely had any tiny little breaks of hair strands yesterday after i used it. I even tested out how strong my hair was by taking a shedded hair strand from my comb, and tried to pull it apart to see how easily it broke. It took me a while to break the hair, which means that the product works! I also bought the L'Oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free shampoo, which I love! It makes my hair feel so soft and conditioned! I can definitely feel a difference between this shampoo and my old shampoo (NTM Cream lather shampoo). Luckily, I just finished my bottle of NTM shampoo and will not be purchasing it again because it contains sulfates. My new staple shampoo will be L'Oreal EverStrong, which contains no sulfates at all.

For the past week, I kept my hair in a ponytail with the ends tucked in, and moisturized and sealed with S-curl twice a day. I also took my vitamins everyday, probably missing 1 day. I did not comb for the whole week, so it was normal for me to have a few strands of shedded hair on my wash day, which is healthy because on average, humans shed hair everyday. I washed my hair on Memorial Day, and unfortunately had to break my No Heat Challenge for just one day because I was going to Wyclef Jean's house, and I didn't want to go with wet hair looking crazy lol. I only blow dried 85% and let the rest air dry, so it wasn't that bad. I blow dried with lukewarm air. I haven't applied Castor Oil to my scalp yet because I've been so lazy because of all this hot weather. But I'm definitely gonna start applying it to my scalp 2 times a week starting tonight. And that's it for my weekly report!