Monday, May 16, 2011

FreeTress Amerie Lace Wig Full Review

After doing months of research to find a wig that would hide my hair as a protective style while I wait to get a relaxer, I finally landed on the Freetress Amerie wig. I saw many good reviews on this wig on Youtube and fell in love. I also had 3 other runner-ups, but Amerie beat them and won my heart.

After all she was just what I wanted....
- Long (about 18-20 inches)
- Straight
- Futura fibers, which gives me the option to curl it (Y'all know I love my long sultry curls)

I finally placed the order last Sunday and received her 2 days later. I still had my sew-in, so I couldn't try her on. I finally took my weave down on Friday night. Saturday night, I washed my hair, detangled and braided into 6 fat cornrows. I have way too much new growth to braid my hair into the skinny cornrows...which are also too time consuming. I cut the lace off the wig and tried it on and...Omg...

I was expecting a certain look...This is the look of Amerie on the model..gorgeous!!

but I got Morticia Addams instead...I don't know if it was because my hair underneath the wig is too thick or what? I guess this wig is perfect for those who just got a fresh relaxer, or for those who don't have thick hair as I do. When I wear this wig, there's an obvious "hill" on the top my head, just like Morticia. I guess the braids need to be laid flat which is impossible with my new growth.

Also, this wig is very SHINY! Oh-em-gee..those ladies on Youtube who reviewed this wig and said it looked very natural are not telling the whole truth..but then again, maybe they're being paid to review the product and give it a good review *shakes head*. This wig is so shiny, people can actually tell that you're wearing a wig or fake hair. It also tangles very easily. I find myself brushing it every 5 minutes. The shedding is not too bad though.

Lets talk about the hairline. The hairline is pretty a distance! If somebody is having a conversation with you face to face, they WILL know that you're wearing a lace wig, trust me. The lace is not invisible. The parting in this wig is so annoying. They only give you like a 1/4 inch of parting space which is not enough. This wig also has some layers cut in the front. The hair can get pretty annoying because of the length, so most of the time I like to wear it in a side ponytail. When I do, the layers on one side cant even go into the ponytail, and sticks out..ugh I hate that.

This wig claims to be made of futura fibers, which means that it's curling iron safe. I really hated how stick straight the hair was, so I tried to curl it with both my curling iron and flat iron. I used the curling iron first and set it to 400 degrees. I took a piece of hair and curled it for 2 minutes. When i unraveled the iron from the hair, the curl was very limp and quickly reverted back to straight....huh? So I tried it again, and it did the same thing. I took out my Sedu flat iron, and set it to 410 degrees. I tried curling the hair and it didn't budge -_- at ALL! I gave up and left it straight.

I went out with this wig to the mall today. I felt that my confidence was a lot lower when I wore this out. It felt like people were staring at my hair and automatically assuming it was a wig. Maybe they weren't but I felt like they were. Normally, I make eye contact with people when I speak to them, but with this wig, I caught myself staring at the floor a lot or avoiding eye contact. This wig makes me appreciate being on a healthy journey and growing my hair out so that I wont have to wear wigs ever again. Yes wigs are there as a way to switch up your style and also protect and grow your hair. But some wigs just take your confidence levels down because of the way they turn out other than what you expected of them. I think that's what happened between me and this wig. Thankfully, I wont have to leave my house all week since I have this whole week off from work. I'll be getting a relaxer on Thursday so that i can rock my real hair once again. I think I'll only rock this wig to church lol.

Forgot to mention the color. I ordered this wig in a 1B (off black), but it came out like the color 1 (jet black). It is way too dark to be a 1b..smh.


Kris said...

For the reasons you have listed, I do not own a straight wig. Curlier/more textured wigs are more forgiving. I do understand the decrease level of confidence when the wig just isn't 'right'. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. I am subscribing to your blog. I found your blog through a blog list I found on a blog that is following my Yeah. Kind of complicated but I made it here and really like the contents of your blog. :) HHJ.

LadyTaurus said...

Aww thanks so much! I always give my followers my 100% honesty when I review something. I'm not being paid, and even if I was I would still be honest. Thanks for following me!

LadyTaurus said...

I'm also subscribed to you on Youtube..LOVE your hair girl!