Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Ready To Fight Shedding!

I went to the Supermarket today to do some organic hair shopping. I picked up some Black Tea (made by the company Salada), and a bottle of Garlic supplements (made by the company Sundown). I got the tea for such a good price! Luckily it's on sale this week..100 bags of tea for only $1.99..I had to get it. I'll have it for a while too. I also plan on drinking a cup of Black tea daily just to make sure it's running through my system. I'm going to use these immediately. I plan on washing my hair on Monday, so I will be trying the tea rinse on that day. But starting tomorrow, I'm gonna start taking the garlic pills. Wish my luck! And of course I'll let you all know how my experience goes.