Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Report: 6 week post (June 22-June 28)

I am now 6 weeks post.

For the past 2 weeks, I've had my hair braided under my half wig. I didn't really deal with my hair at all, except moisturize and seal it every single night, and also re-braid the hair left out in the front, so it would blend in with my wig.

This week, I tried a new method to help me retain moisture in my hair. I baggied my whole head every night this whole week. Basically, after I'm done moisturizing + sealing, I just take a plastic cap and put it on my head, and then tie my satin scarf around it and go to bed. This left me with hair that is more moisturized in the morning, and I didn't notice that much breakage. My hair had great elasticity. I think I will be adding bagging nightly to my regimen when my hair is in braids for a wig, and also when it's in a ponytail.

As you might have read in a previous blog, I bought Black Tea, and also garlic pills. I did my first rinse on Sunday {June 27th] and also started taking the pills Sunday night. After taking out the braids, my hair shedded all the dead hairs that I had since i didn't comb my hair in 2 weeks. But there was still some shedding going on. I'm still testing out the Black Tea and Garlic pills. I'm adding them to my regimen too.

I washed my hair on Monday (June 28th), and blow dried it 95%. I used low heat. Yea, I know I broke my heat challenge, but seriously the heat was warm air. I had to blow dry because I had a doctors appointment to go to, and it was raining outside too...I think you would have done the same thing if you were me!

Right now my hair is in a ponytail/bun, and will remain that way for the rest of the week. I ordered my Sensationell wig, but unfortunately, Clairhair contacted me and told me they were sold out and that I would have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for a new shipment. I just asked them to refund my money because I don't have time to wait that long...I need my wig now! In 3 weeks, that's the time I will be getting a relaxer so why would i want to wear a wig?

Anyways, I plan on washing my hair again on Thursday, so that by Friday I can do a spiral roller set for a BBQ I'm going to on Saturday. I have to do the roller set on Thursday night and remove the rollers on Saturday morning because my hooded dryer decided to stop working on me ugh! I want to get a Pibbs dryer so we'll see about that later on. Now I have to air dry for almost 2 days to get pretty results. I'll take pics to share with you all if it comes out how I want it to.


Mrs_D_Pratt said...

Garlic Pills have really worked for me. My hair was shedding quite a bit after I did my big chop. When I began taking garlic I noticed a big difference about a week later. How hope it works out for you!