Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Report: 4 weeks post (June 7-June 14)

Hey everyone! I'm just updating you all on my hair. If you don't already know, for this particular relaxer stretch (May-July), I will be writing a weekly report of my hair until it comes time to relax it. I am doing this for my records and also for my readers to keep up with my updates.

I am now 4 weeks post relaxer! I am really beginning to feel some buds of new growth sprouting up this week. Last week, the buds were just coming in and didnt feel so "bubbly". But this week, I feel a lot of bubbles of growth. My hair seems to get new growth faster in the summer time.

As far as maintenance, I think I did pretty good this week. I moisturized and sealed twice a day, and even baggied my ends for a few nights. I applied Jamaican Castor Oil to my scalp this week only 2 times. I think 2 times is enough for me because that stuff makes my scalp itch like crazy! And I also feel that it's too much manipulation to take down my ponytail all the time, and part my hair into sections to oil my scalp. So I just oil my scalp 2 times a week (Monday and Friday). My hair is still shedding a little bit, but nothing too drastic. Since my hair has some length to it, it will look like I lost a lot of hair when I shed, and that's not the case. I'm already taking my vitamins, every single day, and also plan on buying Garlic supplements sometime this week. Some ladies over at recommended that I try a Black Tea Rinse. They said its supposed to reduce the amount of shedding, so I think I'll give that a try sometime in the future. I still need to do some more research on this method before trying it out.

I have 4 more weeks left before I relax, but lately I've been thinking of adding 2 more weeks to my stretch and stretching for 10 weeks instead of 8. Reason being, I just feel that relaxing at 8 weeks post is too soon for me. If my shedding persists, then I will definitely relax at 8 weeks post, but if not, then 10 weeks sounds alright to me.

I also decided that once I reach BSL, I probably will start on my transition to natural hair. Ever since I started my hair journey, I have been stretching my relaxers, and finally discovered how my natural hair feels like. I love playing with my new growth, and I always feel so naked when I relax them away. My head feels so light with out my NG. But for once in my life I want to grow long relaxed hair first because once I stop relaxing, I dont think I'll ever look back. After I achieve my goal with relaxed hair, I am looking forward to natural hair with out the big chop. It's just a thought. I will still relax until I reach BSL, which is approximately 4-5 inches away. When I start my transition, I will not be chopping anything off at all..just dusting/trimming no more than 1/2 inch off every 3 months. I am trying to reach WL with my relaxed ends first before they all break off from the natural hair hehehe.. I'll probably transition for 2 or 3 years. I'm just telling you guys what's in store for the future! :)