Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekly Report: 5 weeks post (June 14-June 22)

I am now 5 weeks post.

The last time I washed my hair was last Monday (June 14th). I wore it in a ponytail up until last Thursday (June 17th). I braided my hair into cornrows (with my own hair) and wore my Outre Tammy half wig over it.

I am still wearing my Tammy half wig and plan on washing my hair next Monday (June 28). By then I should be receiving my Sensationel Half wig, which I will be rocking for 2 weeks with my hair braided underneath.

Before I braided my hair into the cornrows, I had a bit of shedding and got really frustrated, which is part of the reason why I put my hair into cornrows in the first place to wear a wig. I don't want to have to deal with my hair and see hair in the sink every day..(it hurts). I have to do something about this, and quick! Or else I could suffer yet another set back, which would probably mean reaching BSL before the year ends wont happen.

I plan on buying Black Tea at the supermarket this weekend, so I can be ready to use it for when I wash my hair on Monday. Black Tea is known to stop shedding, so I'll see if it works for me in my situation.

I still plan on relaxing at either 9 or 10 weeks post relaxer.