Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Next Wig: Sensationnel HZ 7004

I've had my Outre Tammy 1/2 wig since January, and it's been 6 months already...I need a new wig. So I went over to and browsed a little bit and finally laid my eyes on this cute wig. It's called Sensationnel Synthetic half wig HZ 7004. I like it because it looks just like my hair, just a little bit shorter, and seems like nobody would know whether or not I was wearing a wig...(not that I care anyways). But it's definitely what I'm looking for: Straight, silky, bouncy, and clean cut. I think I will be ordering this baby either this weekend or next. I hope to rock her this summer for my cousin's graduation, BBQ's, family gatherings, and of course, work. This will definitely help me stretch my relaxers out. I also decided that every 6 months, I will be ordering a new wig. Since I don't wear box braids anymore, I find that wigs replace the benefits that the braids provided, but without the damage and also helps preserve my thickness. Cant wait!