Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plans For My Next Relaxer Stretch

When I say next relaxer, I don't mean the one I'm about to get in a week or two. I mean the relaxer I get after the one I will be receiving next week.

Well last night, I made a drastic decision to stretch my next relaxer to 4 months (16 weeks). It's gonna be a long hard stretch, but I'm on a hair journey, so everything is a experience. If you've followed my journey before, you would know that I used to stretch for 24-26 weeks! But I couldn't have done it with out braids. Now that I don't get braids anymore, I cut the stretching time in half and relaxed every 12 weeks. Since I don't get braids anymore, stretching for 16 weeks is gonna a challenge, but I'm gonna have to face it and go for it.

I am stretching for 16 weeks for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to gain even more thickness and also attempt to reach BSL before the year ends (hopefully). Another reason is to save money. Every time I get a relaxer, I have to pay $100 bucks! I love how my cousin does my hair but she has to charge me all that money because I'm getting my hair done at her job. I don't like when she does my hair at my house because she cant move around as freely as she likes in my apartment, and I feel that has a affect on the outcome of my hair. I need to save money for other things and paying $100 bucks every 9-12 weeks is burning a hole in my pocket.

This is gonna be a little hard, but I'm up for it. I am relaxing on July 19th. After that I will stretch for 16 weeks, which leaves my next relaxer date to be set on November 8, 2010.

Edit: I will relax on July 23rd, which leaves my next relaxer date to be set on November 12, 2010.