Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Report: 7 weeks post (June 28- July 5)

I am now 7 weeks post relaxer!

I really enjoyed my hair this week. I don't normally do co-washes, but I did one on Thursday for a few reasons:

Reason #1- I had a BBQ to go to on Saturday and needed to do something cute with my hair, and the style required my hair to be washed
Reason #2- Since I shampooed my hair 3 days before that, I didn't want to shampoo my hair twice in one co-washing was a better option

I used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner, and I must say...I'm impressed! It left my new growth very soft and manageable! Usually at 6 weeks post, my new growth starts to act up, but not this time. This encourages me to co-wash more frequently. But my problem is, my hair hates manipulation, which is why I don't co-wash often. Anyhoo, I co-washed, deep conditioned, and applied my leave ins. Then I proceeded to flexi-rod my whole head. I used a new setting lotion too. It's by Fantasia and I love it. I will review it later on, but it left my curls soft and moveable, but at the same time fought humidity and kept the curls intact...I'm in love!

I loved the outcome of my flexi-rod set. I actually had to air dry with my flexi-rods because my hooded dryer stopped working. I felt like a prisoner to my hair on Friday because there was no way I was gonna leave my house with flexi-rods all over my head.. I like the fact that I didnt have to use any heat at all and took a healthy approach to roller setting by letting it air dry all day. When I removed the rollers, I seperated each curl with coconut oil. Everybody loved my hair and couldn't believe me when I told them I did it myself lol. But I loved the way I looked for the holiday weekend. My hair was on point, and so were my outfits, and also my confidence which is a plus :)

(Click to enlarge)

Today [July 5th], I washed my hair and did a tea rinse. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what I'm gonna do to my hair this week. I dont know if I should just wear it in a bun for the week, or just wear my half wig over it while my hair is braided underneath. Decisions, decisions. I should be getting a relaxer in 2 weeks, but I think I may push it to 3 weeks, which will make me 10 weeks post.

As far as my shedding goes....yes I'm still shedding, but not too drastically though. I am still doing a tea rinse weekly and I am still taking the garlic pills.