Saturday, July 11, 2009

How I Baggy

"Baggying" lol..isn't that a funny word? It's a funny word that can benefit you in the long run. Baggying is a technique used by many women to keep the ends of their hair hydrated overnight or even all day. Lets take a closer look at this cool technique.

What Baggying does: Baggying works in such a way to keep your ends hydrated and locks in moisture. The ends are the oldest part of your hair, and also the dryest, and need most care. Some people baggy their whole head. It also helps in preventing split ends. I recommend getting a trim/dusting first before you baggy.

Tools you'll need:
  • Moisturizer: Good ones have main ingredients that have glycerin and water. Ex: S-curl
  • Oil: Any type of natural oil is fine. I recommend extra virgin olive oil, Castor oil, or coconut oil
  • Plastic shower cap/Sand which bag: Used to lock the moisturizer in your hair from escaping
  • Rubber band: Used to secure the plastic on your ponytail and keeps it from falling off
How to baggy:
I start by moisturizing my whole head with a quarter size amount of S-curl. I gather my hair up into a loose but secure ponytail. On the ponytail part, i apply a dime size of S-curl on the ends. Then i take my coconut oil or Castor oil and seal off the ends. Afterwards, i take my plastic shower cap and put my ponytail in the inside. I take a rubber band and secure the bag from slipping off. Then i take my satin scarf and wrap around my head and I'm ready for bed! My ends stay hydrated through out the whole entire night. The next day, if i don't go anywhere, i leave the bag on my ends for 24 hours ;) I baggy every single night when i have my bun. This is one of the many techniques i used to retain length. It really helps! Try it out!


The Hair Diaries said...

I really love the articles in your blog. They are both informative and helpful. I will be using some of the information you recommend in your personal regimen. One thing I learned on my hair care journey is to follow the techniques of ppl who have something you want to achieve. I will be following this blog. Thx so much!!!