Friday, July 17, 2009

Miconazole Nitrate for Growth

Miconazole Nitrate [MN] is an anti fungal agent used in yeast infection cremes and also foot fungus creams to treat infections. Popular brands known include Monistat and Daktrin. What these companies don't know is that many people are using these creams on thier hair to help increase growth. It works to clean the toxins out of your scalp, allowing your scalp to breath and in return, grow more hair. Many have claimed to get about an inch of growth in just 1 month, which is amazing! I have read that one of the most common side effects on using this on your scalp is the headaches you'll probably get. You can mix it with a carrier oil to reduce headaches. A lot of people are scared to use this too...I was very skeptical at first. In my mind i was thinking "Wow, vagina cream on your SCALP! These women will do ANYTHING to make their hair grow lol". But as i read more reviews, i loosened up a bit and decided to try it. I went to the Pharmacy to pick up some medicine and as i was waiting for the pharmacist to process it, i walked around the pharmacy searching for the MN. I finally found it and bought it to the check out. The guy looked at me a little funny because it was foot fungus cream lol. My brother even said "Eww you have foot fungus?" lol. "NO I don't! It's for my hair!," I said. Then he looked at me funny lol. Also, you dont have to use Monistat. They sell Miconazole Nitrate by itself. Or you can use Neosporin AF. You can also try any type of foot fungus cream. I bought my MN last Friday, and i will start using it as soon as my hair air dries. I will keep you all updated on if i see any growth or not. I already incorporated this into my growth challenge. You can buy these creams at Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, any Dollar store, Walmart, Target..anywhere. Just make sure that the active ingredient is Miconazole Nitrate 2%. I suggest doing your reasearch before using this product.


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