Friday, July 10, 2009

How I Stretch My Relaxer

Stretching comes very naturally to me. You have to have patience in order to stretch successfully, which will then yield in good results :)

Definition: Stretching is defined as "waiting" longer than the traditional 8-10 weeks until you get your next touch up. If you go any longer than 8-10 weeks, that means that you're stretching. Normal stretchers can stretch up to about 12-14 weeks. Advanced stretchers can stretch up to a period of 6 months to a year!

Why Do People Stretch?: The importance of stretching is to avoid over processing [which could lead to weakened damaged hair], gain a greater amount of length, and also strengthening and thickening up the hair.

Different Textures: When you stretch for a period of time, there will be an obvious difference in textures. This difference is where the natural hair [new growth] meets the relaxed hair. In the hair world, we call this the demarcation line. The demarcation line is very fragile and the relaxed ends can easily be snapped off from the natural hair if the two textures are not properly moisturized on a regular basis.

Hairstyles: Some people stretch by doing protective styles 24/7 or simply by getting braids. I honestly can not stretch for 6 months with out braids..I would go crazy and probably relax sooner. I normally get 2-3 inches of growth when i stretch for 6 months. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but i don't take growth aids to increase my growth rate. Hair grows at about .5 inches per month, so this is normal for me to get 2- 3 inches of growth with out any growth aids. I am now just considering taking growth aids.

How i stretch:
1. I get a relaxer
2. When I am almost 3 months post [12 weeks], i get box braids and leave them in for 2 whole months
3. I take out my braids after 2 months and this leaves me at 5 months post [20 weeks]
4. I deep condition and strengthen my hair for the whole month prior to the relaxer process
5. I am now 6 months post [24 weeks] and ready for a relaxer ;)

Since I'm APL [arm pit length] now, i decided not to get box braids anymore because i feel my hair has graduated from braids. My hair is now very close to the length of the human hair i use for box braids, and i don't want to go any longer because it becomes difficult to sleep in. So, i cut my stretching time to 3 months instead of 6.


gladys said...

I plan on stretching to grow longer healthier hair. The last time I had a relaxer was Thanksgiving and since then I have been getting wash and sets every 3 weeks. I don't intend to relax my hair again until may being that's 6 months and in between just maintain it with wash and sets. I wear a half piece which can be considered a protective style. with just the front out so I rarely use heat. DO u have any recommendations?

LadyTaurus said...

That sounds pretty good. The only thing i would recommend is that your ends are being well protected, so that when you finally relax in May, you will have a good amount of length to show for it. I also recommend that you make sure that your moisturizing and sealing your hair and ends every morning and night. And since you go to the salon to get your hair washed and stuff, make sure they dont handle your hair too harshly because the 2 textures are very sensitive and could break off from each other. There are some rough stylist out there, trust me, i had to deal with them...which is why I do everything by myself, except for relaxers and trims. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

in addition to stretching, why don't you try monistat 1 & 3, and MTG? Instead of 3 inches in 6 months, you can get 3 inches in one month.

LadyTaurus said...

Well i wouldn't be able to control my new growth if it grew that fast. I have course hair! So I think i will stick to what im doing lol. But thanks.

baybegiirlkassx3 said...

Ummm . I'm 16 & I'm getting the hang of the stretching . I'm almost into 3 months & I'm about to put in box braids . I'll probably keep them in for 2 months also . I just need to know what EXACTLY to do while they're in braids , to prevent breakage . & Also , Do Yu Trim Your Ends After You Take The Braids Out ? Because I feel like Everytime iGrow My Hair , & Get A Trim , It Goes Right Back To My Previous Length . So it's like I'm getting Nowhere . -___- please Help

baybegiirlkassx3 said...

Ummm I'm 16 & I'm About To Go Into 3 Months Of Stretching . I'm Also Gunna Put In Box Braids For About 2 months . My concern is what EXACTLY should I do while I have the braids to prevent breakage ... My hairstylist said make sure they put a LOT of grease before putting in the braids , & not to make it too tight ... &&- Also I'd Like To Kno If Yu Trim Your Ends After Yu Take Out The Braids & Get A Touch Up ? Because It Seems Like Everytime iGrow My Hair & Trim It , I'm Right Back To My Previous Length & That Gets Me NOWHERE ... Please Help :(

ladyparamore said...

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