Friday, July 10, 2009

Tools You Need To Start Your Hair Journey [Beginners]

Are you just learning about how to take care of your hair but you need guidance on how to get started? What products/tools to buy? For beginners, here are all the tools you need to get you started on the right track for your hair journey!

Hair Products

1. Shampoo: Make sure its a moisturizing one that also detangles
2. Clarifying shampoo: If you used hairspray, gel, or went swimming, this works to get rid of all the buildup.
2. Conditioner/Cholesterol : Use a conditioner that has protein in it to make your hair stronger. This is also used for deep conditioning.
3. Cheap conditioner: You will need this to co-wash your hair if you dont feel like shampooing. Vo5 and Suave are popular cheap conditioners. *co-washing is optional*
4. Leave-in strengthener: The name speaks for itself. It gives the hair strength all throughout the week until you wash again.
5. Moisturizer: Afro kinky hair needs moisture to prevent breakage and retain the length of the hair. Avoid moisturizers that contain mineral oil and petrolatum [these 2 only coat the hair and dries it out].
6. Oils: Any natural oil [Virgin olive oil, Castor oil, coconut oil..etc] is used on hair for many reasons, whether it be to seal in moisture from moisturizer, mix it in with other products, pre-poo, baggy, many possibilities.
7. Heat protectant: Heat is very damaging to all types of hair, especially ours. Make sure you apply a heat protectant to prevent serious damage.

1. Wide tooth combs: Used to detangle hair and remove any knots
2. Applicator brush: Can be used to apply conditioners, relaxers, pre-pooing products
3. Boar Bristle brush: Can be used to smooth out your hair from any frizzing when you do your protective buns/ponytails
4. Paddle brush: Can be used to wrap your hair at night. Find one that distributes oil from your scalp onto your hair so that when you unwrap it, your hair is shiny
5. Tail combs: Can be used to part your hair into sections when you rollerset, do bantu knots, braid outs, etc
* I dont recommend combing/brushing your hair everyday. Finger combing is safer. Try to do protective styles 90% of the time so you wont have to use combs/brushes every day. *

Hot Tools
1. Ionic Blow dryer: If you want to skip air drying, this is a good tool to use especially if its Ionic. Ionic tools hold more moisture in the hair shaft. I don't recommend using this on a daily basis. Once/twice a month is fine with a heat protectant.
2. Hooded Dryer: Most commonly used by those who roller set. This is a safe hot tool because the heat is indirect, which means it's is not at all damaging.
3. Deep conditioning cap: This allows the conditioner to penetrate more into your hair shaft giving you the ultimate results. Also a safe hot tool.
4. Ceramic Flat iron: If you stretch your relaxers and want your roots to look straight, you can use this probably once or twice a month with a heat protectant. I don't recommend using this on a daily basis.

1. Magnetic rollers and roller clips: Roller setting is a very safe hairstyle. If you don't want to air dry or blow dry, this is a good way of getting your hair dry and also making it pretty.
2. Ponytail holders: Cant do buns/ponytails with out them. Make sure you buy the snag-less versions
3. Spray bottle: Very convenient when you do roller sets.
4. Barber scissors: Can be used to dust the ends of your hair to get rid of split ends. If you cant cut your hair yourself, go to someone you trust to do it for you.

I think these are all the things you need to get you started on your journey! You don't have to buy them all at once. It will all slowly build up with time. Happy Hair Journey!


Meca said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I just want to thank you for this! I really had no idea where to start trying to have healthy relaxed hair and this is incredibly helpful :)