Friday, July 24, 2009

Isn't This Ironic?

This Caucasian man and his wife adopted a little Ethiopian baby girl back in 2005. Clifton Green, an Emory University professor has the duty of doing his daughter's African American hair every week, and he couldn't be more proud! Clifton and his wife are happy to know how to properly style their daughter's hair and still let her embrace her African heritage. Their daughter Miriam Tigist Green, who is now 4, is happy too! "We wanted her to know her hair isn't a burden, but something really wonderful, something beautiful to be celebrated," her mother says.

Daddy, are you almost done?

All done! This is

Meanwhile, in Michigan, A Black mother shows off her frustration while doing her own flesh and blood daughter's hair. The little girl seems to be about the same age as the Ethiopian girl mentioned above. She screams in pain and tells her mother she hates her, while the mother tears away at her precious hair with a hard bristle brush and sprays little bits of what appears to be water, probably attempting to detangle the hair. I'm not trying to judge anybody, but i think its ironic how the white couple know how to care for their African daugther's hair, meanwhile this African American mother displays how NOT to take care for a young child's African hair. The white couple embraced their daughter's hair, even when they thought it would be a burden, but the Black mother calls her children's hair nappy, and not in a good way. The little girls brother plays happily in front of the camera, while the mother threatens him and says that he's "next". I cant jump to conclusions because i don't know what happened prior to the video being taped. Maybe the mom was having a bad day, or maybe the little girl was being a bad girl and this is the mother's way of punishment? She also used foul language with a small child! Either way, she shouldn't have torn through her daughters hair that way or spoken to her that way. Who knows if she will grow up hating her hair? Watch the video below. What are your thoughts?